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This month, alongside our hugley popular courses and workshops, our programme includes some fantastic screenings and discussions featuring the likes of Russell Brand, Marina Abramovic, Mattew Ingrams, Jules Evans, Jade Shaw and Dr. Susan Blackmore.

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Talks & Screenings

Chasing The Present, Thurs 25 June: We’re hosting the exclusive UK screening of this award winning inspiration that features Russell Brand, Marina Abramovic, Alex Grey, Graham Hancock, Joseph Goldstein, Rupert Spira, Sri Prem baba, and Zelda Hall.

Followed by a panel with the director, producer and special guests, it's a night not to be missed. Click here to see the trailer.

Out of Body Screening & Panel, Weds 3 June: Dr Susan Blackmore is now confirmed to join the panel! So expect a juicy discussion on discarnate entities and impossible experiences - are they all just in the brain or a path to discover new realities? Just 8 days to go!

Psilocybin & LSD, Tues 16 June: How do psychedelics best combine with therapy, meditation and deep and meaningful insight? Matthew Ingram reveals the key lessons from his upcoming book, 'Retreat'.

Breaking Open, Thurs 18 June: When understood as attempts by the psyche to seek greater wholeness, spiritual emergencies can be transitions to greater maturity, flourishing and wisdom. Jules Evans and Dr Tim Read gather first-person accounts of spiritual emergencies and self-care practices that help people through.


The Body Knows - A Four Week Online Course, starting 11 June: Through verbal, non verbal, somatic and physical embodiment practices you will tap into your body's natural urges, desires, fears and creativity to increase sensitivity, emotional awareness and confidence.

Sex Club 4 Week Online Course, starting 30 June: - A collective journey to practise expressing your experience in words, hear and learn from others and explore key elements that are necessary to connect to your sexuality more profoundly and experience a richer sex life.

★★★★★ "*Sex Club has taught me so many critical lessons about communication, boundaries and intimacy. I cannot thank you enough! I now have a framework and tools to make intimacy and sex a nutritious, safe and fun space. Exploring profoundly essential questions across genders, sexualities & ages, I heard participants share experiences so familiar they enabled me to give my experiences a voice, and others which seemed truly revolutionary." *- Emma W.


New Online Shroomshops are live, every 2 weeks in June and July! Explore various techniques for growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms such as Oyster, Reishi, Shiitake and many other strains of mushrooms. All participants will be sent course notes and links to purchase the needed materials in advance of the workshop, and you’ll be sent a Oyster mushroom spore syringe.

Emotion Release - Sat 30 May: Explore an array of deep trauma shifting practices from Kundalini Yoga and Chi Gong, to breathwork and voicework, to help you safely release unexpressed emotions and unconscious energies that have become stored in your body.

Full Moon Voice Activation, Thurs 4 June: Discover the transformative capacity of the intuitive voice, ancient mantra and silent meditation to release energetic blocks deep in the cellular memory - transforming limiting beliefs into boundless creative potential.

Breathwork for Greater Peace and Joy, May 30: Take the first step on a new journey of self-discovery with Anthony Abbagnano - Breathwork trainer and founder of Alchemy of Breath. We're pleased to recommend this unique event that will help you to feel re-energized, grounded, joyful and full of love.

The Mushroom Speaks

"The Mushroom speaks" is a collective documentary/podcast project to testify to the therapeutic, recreational, and spiritual benefits of mushrooms in support of ongoing legalization efforts, including the Decriminalize California campaign. If you've had beneficial experiences with mushrooms and mushroom-based therapy, please reach out with text, audio recordings, or videos to

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