Sex Club: Closed Group - A Four Week Online Course

  • Tue 30th Jun 2020, 7pm – Tue 21st Jul 2020, 9:30pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
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★★★★★ "Sex Club has taught me so many critical lessons about communication, boundaries and intimacy. I cannot thank you enough! I now have a framework and tools to make intimacy and sex a nutritious, safe and fun space. Exploring profoundly essential questions across genders, sexualities & ages, I heard participants share experiences so familiar they enabled me to give my experiences a voice, and others which seemed truly revolutionary." - Emma W. on the recent Online Sex Club Course.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you have sex or no sex, you experience 14 different types of orgasms or none, you masturbate a lot or not at all. You’re definitely a sexual being. 

The relationship to, and conditioning and experience of our sexuality affects all of us. It permeates our day to day experience consciously and subconsciously more than we realise.

Throughout our life the majority of us didn’t develop of practise of processing our sexuality or making sense of it. Mostly we’re unable to translate our inner experience into words because we’re not used to it.

In this 4 week Sex Club course we will take you on a collective journey to practise expressing your experience in words, hear and learn from others and explore key elements that are necessary to connect to your sexuality more profoundly and experience a richer sex life:

★ Week 1: Desires & Boundaries - explore your deepest desires and learn about your boundaries, both known and unknown. Develop self-compassion and make friends with your sexuality.
★ Week 2: Shame - practise the articulation of your shame, insecurities and needs. Shame doesn’t withstand exposure.
★ Week 3: Communication - learn and practise how to communicate your desires and boundaries. Develop confidence and ease to discuss intimacy and sexuality with lovers and friends.
★ Week 4: Sex & Masturbation - exchange your experiences about sex and masturbation and cultivate self love. Explore the difference between our need for sexuality and our need for intimacy.

Over the 4 week period we will create a container together where through shared vulnerability and a commitment to each other we’ll create group trust so it will feel safe to go deeper into our experiences, dearmour insecurities and shame through exposure and find new confidence and comfort in ourselves as a sexual beings. 

We will take you through group exercises and enquiries drawn from group process and shadow work that consist of conversational enquiries. Whilst we will offer a framework of exercises, this course very much focuses on tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of the group. No one has figured out how to do sex or intimacy, yet we’ve all learned something along the way. These learnings we’ll share, and we piece together the puzzle that will create a learning experience that is bigger than the sum of its parts, whilst creating a sense of community and deep connection to your fellow sexplorers on the way. 

The space will be held safely yet bravely. It is confidential and we each share only what we feel to share.

Tuesdays over 4 weeks from 7:00 - 9:30pm on 30th June, 7th, 14th, 21st July. Zoom Room will open at 6:45pm (BST). To create a safe space with no disruptions no entry will be possible after 7:00pm (BST). 

This course is fully inclusive and valuable to everyone regardless of relationship status or model you’re in, age (18+), ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and experience, religious beliefs, income and otherwise. No previous experience in similar workshops is required. Join by yourself, with your friend(s), lover(s), partner(s).

Although this course can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Whilst we set up a container that enables trust and honesty, we ask everyone to take responsibility for their experience. Please speak to your therapist if you have experienced abuse or trauma through touch or otherwise before you decide to take this course.

Sex Club operates as a non-profit. At this time, more than ever, we want Sex Club to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income. This is why we offer different income tiers. The Supporter tier is sponsoring people with lower or no income. If you have no income due to the current situation or otherwise, please email us at with your request for a reduced price or free ticket incl. your motivation to join this course. We're all in the same boat <3


★★★★★: The facilitators did a great job of creating a warm, relaxed, curious and respectful atmosphere. I was touched and amazed by some of the things people shared, deep and vulnerable experiences that normally you would never get a chance to hear about. I came away feeling very uplifted and at peace with the world. Thank you! - Helena L.

Juliane Mueller
I’m a facilitator of transformational spaces, community builder and artist. Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation, without which there can be no meaningful societal progress. To this end, I have co-founded Sex Club, a conversational and experiential group space to normalise talking about sex, intimacy and its nuances, to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to redefine sexuality as a spectrum. I am an experienced space holder, having co-founded an intentional community in London and being trained in non-violent communication, co-counselling and mindfulness-based resilience.

My artistic and personal enquiry is the authentic expression of self through creativity, intellect, emotion and sexuality. I consult on collective experience design at festivals, transformational co-created events and artist residencies. I spent 10 years in the corporate tech industry before my calling into the nonprofit sector and I remembered that I'm an artist, as we all are.

Conor Cregg
Conor is a psychologist trained as a counsellor and coach. He uses a person-centric approach combined with somatic experiencing to support individuals to come to a deeper awareness of behaviour patterns that no longer serve them. In his sessions Conor supports individuals in their inquiry by holding presence without agenda, listening for questions that want to be asked and resourcing his clients to move through issues into greater ease and flow. Conor's background is in psychology with a B.A. in psychology and an MSc in behaviour change, he has also trained as a holistic counsellor. 


David Chambers - Authentic Dating Podcast: 
★★★★★ - WOW.... Just WOW. So much fun, so insightful, so open, accepting and the space was so well held. Met some amazing people and we discuss topics that i hadn't thought I would be interested in. I can't wait to the next one. My only complaint is that I wish it was all day. :)

Amy Cooper - Secret Seed Society: 
★★★★★ - I have taken part in these conversational Sex Clubs before and found them really fascinating, safe, reassuring, enlightening, lightening, stimulating and opening I recommend them. It is not therapy but it is therapeutic, it is not about kinks or being straight or queer, it's whatever the group brings. The variety makes the conversation richer and the difference between us has always seemed to be reassuring. Come if you have sex, come if you don't have sex, come if you feel convinced you know something about sex and would like to share, come if you have no idea what questions you would ask about sex or what you would share. My take home was that we navigate sex for ourselves and can find inspiration and connection from others. Try it..."

Mark Wagner - MKII: 
★★★★★ - What a blessing to have discovered Sex Club! A sharing circle where we can finally impart our experience, thoughts and feelings on a theme that concerns all of us: Sexuality. Staying well clear of personal judgement, opinions and dogma the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and most importantly acceptant of one and all. For me personally, the 'session' facilitated the integrated realisation that from here on, the evolution of my sexuality was intricately connected to my ability to communicate about sexuality.... So what better place to start than Sex Club!"

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