Meditation Coliving Experience: A Month of Cowork & Community in Portugal

  • Mon 7th Nov 2022, 12pm – Tue 6th Dec 2022, 12pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Algrave, Portugal
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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We're gathering those who are ready to connect to the present moment through a month of daily meditation – while getting their remote work done, in a natural paradise.

  • Join a tribe of conscious people by the beaches of Algarve, South Portugal. 
  • Do a meditation session each morning & evening together to reach altered states 
  • Get your work done during the day – with fast wifi and deskspace. 
  • Relax with some sunset volleyball, having deep conversations at the beach, reflecting in the local forests

This is not a retreat ... this is a month creating a more innately fulfilling way of life. One where we can deeply connect to nature, others and our Self – while still getting our work done. 



It'll take place at a peaceful resort in South Portugal. We'll be living together minutes from the beach.

With kitchens, lounges, cowork areas, a pool, lots of outdoor space and your own double room ... It's the ideal setting for us to gather 25 wonderful people. 


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  • Each morning,  we'll do a guided meditation practice together. Exploring different states of consciousness, and integrating them into our daily lives.
  • Each evening we'll have a silent, unguided meditation too, that you're welcome to join.
  • There will be several experimental workshops spread throughout the month that you can join
  • And there'll be Silent Sundays, where we breakfast in noble silence, spend a few hours in different types of meditation, ending in a silent lunch and sharing circle.
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 --> Week 1 : Resting In Awareness

  • Practice an ancient Tibetan-Buddhist meditation technique
  • Build a strong daily meditation routine (60 mins per morning and evening)

--> Week 2: Strengthen Your Foundation

  • Discover the power of reflective meditations
  • Detach from your past self
  • ​Koans and knowing your inner 'Self'

 --> Week 3: Visualisation Towards A Higher Self

  • Cleansing unserving thoughts and entering primordial awareness
  • Intention setting
  • ​Practising deep silence & meditative movement
  • Enter the "headless way'

--> Week 4: Living In The Here & Now

  • the Practice of Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parts Mapping (from Internal Family Systems therapy)
  • Integrating altered states into your life

You can learn more here about this Meditation Coliving here:




Everyone we select has work to do, remotely. There’ll be tables and fast wifi. So you can get your work done, collaborate & make your calls.

Start the morning with a guided session of meditation together. Then grab a spot of breakfast in your kitchen. And start your work. Take a break to walk in the beach & reflect. Or to share expertise with a fellow tribe member on their project, by the pool. At the end of the day, let go of all the hustle… and join some of the tribe for dinner, laughs and maybe some volleyball. Then end the day with a silent unguided meditation session, washing the day off and calming the mind.


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✔ your own double room 
✔ 10 meditation sessions per week 
✔ Silent Sundays; half-day meditation journeys
✔ two full-time meditation guides
✔ accommodation (inc. rooms, kitchens, lounges etc) 
✔ surrounded by forests, beaches and the tranquil nearby town
✔ full-time community facilitator 
✔ fast wifi & tables (to work from)
✔ 25 inspiring people 


The Algarve Climate: All You Need to Know (And When to Visit)



Early Bird Price:  £1800 (Until 1st Sep)
Standard price:   £1900
Abundant price:  £2100

To join, register your interest. Then we'll arrange a time to have an online conversation.
We have this conversation to ensure we're a good fit for each other, and ask any questions we may have.
If we're a good fit, then you can sign-up and join(!)


Feedback from Previous Events

"It's been an intense month, and one that I needed. If you want to meet fellow breathworkers, who can also push you as a person, come to this." – Martin, cofounder at El Refugio 

"Meditating everyday, with a guide, was so impactful. But what really made it was the people; collaborating, learning, creating a new way of life together." – Tess, therapist 

"From the start, I felt welcomed and part of the community. Gathering diverse, interesting & ambitious individuals from all walks of life... left me with so much optimism & gratitude." – Ines, marketing freelancer 

"I can recommend this for anyone with a truly open mind, an inability to settling for the status quo, and a desire to experience community on a whole new level", Gwen, cofounder at Pelt8


About your Facilitators


Harry Verma – founder, Innate 

Harry has over six years of creating a company that brought entrepreneurial people together from around the world, to live together – with over 500 attendees and 9 programs run. His focus is on selecting the right people, facilitating the community and ensuring we co-create something special together. 


Jeremy Sikkens – founder, Earthlight


Jeremy has over 20 years of experience in meditation, having taken refuge with Tibetan-Buddhist teacher Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Balancing deep practice with running his fast-growing marketing brand, Jeremy is on a mission to inspire people to integrate meditation into their everyday lives. He will be bringing all of his experience, and some guest monks out there, to steer this 4 week journey.


Amir Giles – Meditation & Events, Psychedelic Soc

Amir coordinates events, courses and retreats exploring the nature of reality, perception and consciousness with both The Psychedelic Society and Adventures in Awareness.  He's guided mediation at festivals, events and for the BBC. He's a dedicated practitioner of mediation, inspired by enquiry techniques and non-dual traditions from around the world, as well as the science validating them. Amir is trained as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy and has a background as performer, and movement director in cinema, TV, stage and beyond.

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