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We need a new masculinity that isn’t the outdated “strong and silent” masculinity of our fathers generation. We need a masculinity that reflects what men can be at our best; warm and generous, relaxed and confident, playful and authentic. 

This weekend retreat is an opportunity to find that new masculinity within yourself and in a group of men on a shared journey.  

“★★★★★ I feel like I have become part of a tribe of incredible brothers. It has been such a powerful experience to listen, share, reflect and learn and I have grown because of this. Conor has an incredible energy about him and held the space for the group in a profound and magical way. I am truly grateful” - Charlie W

It’s said that the longest journey a man goes on is from his head to his heart. 

So many of us as boys weren’t taught how to be with our feelings and instead were encouraged to rely on our minds. We learned to shield ourselves in a false strength built from the armour of intellectual abstraction, emotional distance and avoidance.  

Now, as men, we must learn to find a deeper truer strength. Strong because of vulnerability not despite it. In touch with our feelings and courageous enough to do and say what is true for us, despite the fear we might feel. 

“★★★★★ Hugely healing, emotional, inspiring. The courage and camaraderie of the fellow attendees and the guidance and openness of Conor is something that will remain with me for the rest of my life” - Tom. D

The power of this course comes to a large degree from the fact that many of us have only very rarely, if ever, been in a group of encouraging supportive men, free of cynical humour or jostling competitiveness. 

Being in an encouraging group of men and the feeling of shared experience between us will support you to step into a greater sense of ease with yourself. It will allow you to bring awareness to the things you need to look at and see the possibilities for change; becoming more open and more powerful in the process. 

“★★★★★ What an incredible experience. I got so much out of it. Very powerful stuff. Highly recommend it.” - Kevin F. 

The retreat will take place across two days with each section building on what came before. 

We will hold traditional men’s circles to begin each day to give us all space to drop in, before exploring the themes detailed below.

We will use verbal and embodied practises bringing together sharing,  spoken inquiry, movement, ritual and embodied explorations all influenced and informed by modern psychology, psychotherapy, somatic experience and soulful self-awareness.

“★★★★★ A very powerful, emotional and enriching experience thanks to the authenticity and openness of the participants as well as Conor's skillful and gracious moderation” - Luca A

Structure of the Course

Day 1

We will land together with a traditional men’s circle in smaller pods within the wider group.

Then we will explore….

Old Masculinity: Our experience of being raised as boys and conditioned as men according to a too narrow definition of what masculinity is and can be. 

False Strength and True Strength: The difference between feeling strong because we avoid what is difficult versus the strength that comes from meeting our challenges openly. 

Ego Structure: The development of our personality structure and the stories we tell ourselves about who we are that keep us small.  

Support: An embodied exploration of our relationship with receiving support. 

Rest and Resourcing: Each finding ways that work for us to get nourishing rest and nervous system regulation. 

Day 2

Super Ego: Tools to deal with our inner critic who feeds on our internalised perception of how the world sees us and what others want us to be/say/do and not be/say/do.

Embodiment: Exploring the wisdom in the body to give us new insight.  

Soul: Meeting the true self that lies behind the persona we present to the world.  

Community: Finding the joy of brotherhood.


Conor is a group psychologist trained as a counsellor and coach ( He has been leading Men's Groups and Retreats for the past 7 years. He uses a person-centric approach combined with somatic experience to support individuals to come to a deeper awareness of behaviour patterns that no longer serve them. Conor's facilitation style supports individuals in their inquiry by holding a light presence without agenda, listening for questions that want to be asked and supporting people to come to greater ease and flow. Conor's background is in psychology with a B.A. in psychology and an MSc in behaviour change, he has also trained as a holistic counsellor. 

Influences on his work include Rafia Morgan, Carl Jung, David Deida, Ken Wilber, Hanzi Freinacht, Joseph Cambell, Brene Brown, Carl Rogers, Almass, Robert Bly, Sam Harris, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Patrick Cregg and more...

★★★★★ - "Conor has created a group that's doing such important work for men now and the boys who will be given new freedoms to become better men in the future as a result” - Luke


Dates & Times

Thursday 29th Oct 2022 11am - 5pm - Sunday 30th October 2022 11am - 5:30pm


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