Women's Circle: Letting Go

  • Mon 7th Feb 2022, 7pm – 10pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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Welcome to the Psychedelic Women's Circle: a monthly space for healing and connection

This month's theme is LETTING GO.

Letting go is to surrender. Letting go is to release the need for control and to trust in life.

Sometimes we need to let go of people, situations, materials possessions, all we really know in this life is that eventually we will have to let go of everything, including our physical body that we call home.

We're really not taught how to let go, especially when it comes to emotions.

We spend a lot of time trying to avoid feeling what we're feeling in an attempt to not feel it. When we do this actually end up with the opposite result and the pressure of not feeling magnifies the intensity of the emotion.

This session will be an enquiry into what we want to let go of, why we find it so hard to let go, and some simple techniques that support the letting go process.

If you struggle to feel or let go of emotions this will be of huge assistance in your journey. And it's not a magic bullet. Letting go a practice, and one that we must continue to do our whole lives if we are to find inner peace.

What to expect:

  • sharing circle
  • journal questions
  • movement
  • meditation

About the Psychedelic Women's Circle

Gaia started the Psychedelic Women's Circle in 2016 as a place for women who were interested in psychedelics and personal growth to meet. 

Since then it has grown and evolved significantly, offering 5 week courses, retreats and training programmes for women.

The ethos of the Psychedelic Women's Circle is to support women's healing and empowerment through community.

Women have been suppressed for thousands of years, and we are doing the slow work to repair what has been lost.

Some of the themes we work with are: reviving lost ritual practices, learning to feel and express emotions, sharing and integrating past traumas, learning to listen to the signals of our bodies, connecting to our creativity and self expression, unblocking our voice and learning how to set boundaries, using dance and embodiment to deepen self awareness, working through limiting beliefs and fears, celebrating and supporting each other, following a life that is meaningful and joyful.

About Your Facilitator

Gaia Harvey Jackson

Gaia is a workshop facilitator and artist creating spaces for deep transformation.
Gaia started the Psychedelic women's circle in 2016 and now runs courses, retreats and training programmes empowering women to live their fullest lives.

Gaia is passionate about the revival of ritual and works with communities to co-create ceremonies around the world, helping people to mark significant moments, move through challenges, and celebrate life. Her work combines elements of theatre games, tantra, voice work, meditation, dance and ritual, creating safe and playful environments where people can authentically connect and release.

“Gaia always holds a safe and loving space to explore the depths of our souls. It's one of the only places I have in my life to truly be myself - no expectations, limitations or judgement.”

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