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Please note this event is limited to a capacity of 10 participants

Discover the power of your breath in a guided safe space.

Through conscious, connected breathwork, we can transform restricted breathing patterns into deep life-affirming breaths, resulting in profound effects on the mind, body and spirit. Join us to learn this beautiful technique and how to integrate it into your daily practice.

This workshop draws on wisdom from Yogic Pranayama, Sufi breathing, Wim Hof, and BreathWave techniques. 

SAFAR, translates as 'Journey' in Farsi and offers experiences that take us on the voyage back to our authentic essence.


Landing in the space, connecting with each other, and with ourselves
Movement, warm-up breathwork, guided meditations, and intention setting
Explanation and demonstration of the technique


Diving into the main practice of conscious, connected breathing
Guidance and adjustments throughout to optimise the connection with your breath


Relaxation with sound healing, light bodywork and aromatherapy
Group closing



  • Regulation and relaxation of the nervous system
  • Stronger lungs and breathing system
  • Increased self-awareness and presence
  • A release of stuck emotions
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Improvement in sleep and digestion
  • Access to Alpha and Theta brainwave states


  • Please have a light lunch and arrive on a relatively empty stomach, to allow for a deeper experience
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Doors will close at 7:15pm to create a safe container for participants. If you are running late or having trouble finding the venue, contact Sima on 

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Sima has spent the past two years in India, collecting wisdom from various teachers and techniques in meditation, yoga, dance, theatre, somatic practices, compassionate inquiry, and connection to the sacred feminine.

She is deeply passionate about holding safe and loving spaces for others to explore their own internal worlds. Experienced in holding individual and group breathwork classes, she is excited to now share her teachings and offerings in the UK.

SAFAR, translates as 'Journey' in Farsi and offers experiences that take us on the voyage back to our authentic essence.


Level 1-3 Celtic Breathwork Teacher Training x International Breathwork Foundation

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training x Yoga Alliance

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