Transforming Death: A Journey Through Cathartic Release

  • Sun 9th May 2021, 10am – 5pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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During this time of the pandemic, we are collectively traversing through the territories of death, loss and grief in a way many of us never have done before. Many of us are experiencing loss first hand and all of us are feeling the collective grief and loss on a societal level. On top of it all, many of us are feeling isolated at home during our bereavement without a sense of closure, community or spiritual support. 

Join us for a transformative journey through the transformative challenges of death, loss and grief. During this online day retreat you will be guided through a variety of self care practices and techniques that help to navigate the many layers of grief and to help bring personal closure over a death or loss. Tree Carr and Kye Gambin will provide a safe space and guide the group focusing on transpersonal and compassionate approaches to bereavement through intention setting, meditations, rituals, plant work, breathwork and cathartic practises.

Purchase the event care package for £7 in the ticket section:  includes Cacao and Bobinsana to partake in the day retreat. 

Day Retreat Schedule

10am-10:15am:  Introduction-  Tree & Kye introduce themselves and speak about the intentions of the day retreat.

10:15am- 10:30am:  Opening ritual-  Tree burns rosemary, myrrh and skullcap ( herbs associated with death, protection and easing grief) and calls in the four directions

10:30am - 11:30am:  Cacao Ceremony- Kye facilitates ceremony and meditation for heart opening energy for the group journey.

11:30am-12:30pm    Lunch Break

12:30pm-1:10pm: Death Positive Sharing- attendees share their experiences with death, loss and grief

1:10pm-1:30pm: Break 

1:30pm-2:30pm :  Death & Catharsis -  Tree facilitates talk and slideshow on the history of catharsis through various cultures and belief systems throughout time.

2:30pm-3pm:  Cathartic Release Techniques-   Kye facilitates and guides through cathartic release techniques for attendees

3pm-3:30pm: Break

3:30pm-4pm:  Breathing Through Grief:  Kye facilitates a breathwork session for navigating grief. 

4pm-4:30pm:  Ritual of Closure: Tree guides the group through meditation, letter writing, burning and collecting of ashes. 

4:30pm-5pm:  Closing Ceremony-  Tree facilitates a Bobinsana tea ritual and guided heart centred meditation 


About Your Guides

Tree Carr

Tree is an author, Death Doula, Dreaming Guide and Divination Guide.

A published author, Tree’s book ‘DREAMS: How to Connect With Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life’, was released Dec. 2018 with Octopus Publishing. Her second book on dreams called ‘Conscious Dreamer’’ to be released May 2021 with Quarto Publishing Group.  She is currently working on a book about a conscious approach to death. 

As a Dreaming Guide, Tree helps those seeking to activate, explore and further understand their dream realms by cultivating a bespoke daily dreaming practise. Her workshops, courses and retreats have ventured from London throughout the UK, Europe, Canada and USA. She is also booked for one on one dreaming guidance where the session delves into dream interpretation, meditations, rescripting of recurring dreams and methods for lucid dreaming.  Tree works closely with oneirogens ( dreaming plants and herbs) as part of her conscious dreaming practise and facilitates workshops and ceremonies to connect people more deeply into their dream-work vis-a -vis the world of plants and herbs. 

Tree is also a CPD Crossfields Institute Certified Death Doula. Her work as an End of Life Guide involves helping people spiritually, emotionally, existentially and practically at the end of their lives. Tree holds the space for healing, peace, support and compassion during the profound and sacred time of death and dying. An advocate for death positivity, Tree holds Death Cafe’s worldwide as well as a wide variety of workshops and lectures around the themes of death and dying. 

Born in 1972,  Tree has explored the realms of spirituality and consciousness since she was a child. As an intuitive empath, she is self taught in divinatory guidance: The Tarot, Rune Stones and Astrology and has facilitated readings, rituals, classes and courses spanning a wide variety of esoteric subjects. .

Tree is currently studying at the Alef Trust in the programme for Psychedelics, Altered States and Transpersonal Psychology. 


Kye Gambin

Kye is a natural lifestyle advocate, an ultra-endurance enthusiast and a student of the Earth.


As a young adult, Kye spent most of his time as a decorated Rifleman in the Australian infantry, with multiple postings and deployments across Australia and the Globe. After his discharge from service in 2012, Kye found himself unexpectedly navigating the murky waters of depression, loss, and PTSD. This hardship led Kye to seek truth and give-in to universal guidance, which led to his profound spiritual awakening in 2019. Turning to natural healing methods, calling on ancient wisdom and diving into the esoteric arts, Kye now finds himself guiding and inspiring those struggling with substance abuse and destructive personality traits. He creates a safe and loving space for people to pay obeisance to profoundly distressing and disturbing events while stepping into the playful, childlike versions of themselves.


Kye is self-taught in the heart activating magick of Cacao, Breathwork and Experimental Child’s-play, he creates a safe and intimate space where everyone’s fears, hopes and dreams can be explored, unpacked and shared. His experience with Ultra-endurance racing has forged potent mental toughness and fierce drive and determination. Kye believes that by combining ritualistic practises, spiritual introspection and trance-like physical activity; we can all reach self-transcendence.

Under the guidance of Tree Carr, Kye has activated his intuition, deepened his connection with spirituality, consciousness and the Tarot.                                                           

Kye has explored and studied the Tantric & Shamanic Arts with Mahara Mckay and is currently studying Shamanic Reiki at The Sanctuary Shamanic Healing Center. 



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