Playing The Voice

  • Tue 9th Mar 2021, 7pm – 8:30pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
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We use our voices every day to speak and communicate in our modern, urban society, but rarely do we consider its potential as a portal for exploring our consciousness and existence. This experimental workshop aims to liberate the voice beyond its normal speaking function, tapping into more traditional uses for it as a tool to explore reality and the mind through meditative and therapeutic techniques. 

We uncover the power of the human voice, drawing upon methods once used in spiritual ceremonies, for private practices and in artistic contexts. Through a way of repetition (mantras) and special vocal techniques (such as overtone singing and Tibetan chants) that involve us using the voice in a purely mindful way, it is possible to achieve deep-listening, trance-like states.

In this workshop we will set free the most accessible, portable and primal instrument we have been gifted with: our voice. 

What to expect from the introductory session:

  • Brief intro to Stefano’s work
  • Warm-up and centring practice
  • Intention-setting
  • Body and voice release
  • Sound healing 
  • Vocal meditation and chakra alignment with vowels
  • Alternative singing technique
  • Q&A with information about January sound-healing course


Stefano Sgarbi is a uniquely talented musician, producer and workshop leader. His love of art and music evolved into a passion more specifically for electronic music and sound therapy, leading him to study electroacoustic composition at the prestigious Institute of Sonology (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, Netherlands). A personal journey of self-discovery and studies of practises such as tai-chi, yoga, alternative singing techniques (e.g. overtone/throat singing) and didjeridoo has led to Stefano his own therapeutic and meditative practice for guided and mindful use of the voice and body. His ongoing research, as well as his ambition to continue to grow his techniques, brings him to many festivals across Europe, including MoDem, Shankra and Psy-Fi, demonstrating and guiding others in these innovative methods. As well as being a sound therapist and workshop leader, Stefano is known for his music project Sun Snga, collaborating with many international musicians and performers and is part of the Anthropos Festival community.

Link to Stefano’s page:

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