Men's Group Six Week Course - Metamodern Masculinity

  • Wed 20th Jan 2021, 7pm – Wed 24th Feb 2021, 9:30pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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This six week course is an invitation into an experience of a new masculinity that transcends and includes the story of manhood we’ve inherited.

Delving into wisdom traditions, myth and archetype as well as modern psychology, psychotherapy and developmental theory expect an embodied experience of a new masculinity, one which gives space for all of who we are in body, heart, mind and spirit. 

The course will bring together a group of courageous open-hearted men to weave a new story of manhood. The space will be held lightly with clarity and vulnerability to allow us each to experience the loving support of other men and the depths within ourselves that this support allows us to explore. 

★★★★★ - “I signed-up to Conor's Men's Circle 4-Week Closed Group entirely on impulse after a friend made a recommendation of it; one of the very best decisions I ever made!” - John 


This course is designed to shift the overly restrictive narratives of manhood that have been given to us without abandoning that which we want to celebrate in the existing paradigm.

As a closed group creating a supportive container we will rewrite the story of masculinity. The bonds between the men on the course will give us support and encouragement to go where we need to go.  

You will leave with a group of friends and brothers who have been on a shared journey.

★★★★★ -  “It was really humbling to be in a space of caring and reflective men, and I was so pleased to be in a space which developed an aspiration for masculinity which is both empowering and full of integrity” - Dan


WEEK I - METAMODERN MANHOOD: LOVE OF THE TRUTH - we will explore how we can recognise that our view is partial, step into the unknown and come out the other side with a humility about what we don’t know and a clarity about what we can know through experience. 

WEEK II - OBSTACLES ON THE HERO’S JOURNEY - using the hero’s journey as a structure we will explore barriers like shame, fear, depression and anxiety which we experience as we move towards greater intimacy with ourselves and the world we live in.  

WEEK III - JUNGIAN ANIMA & ANIMUS - we will look into Jung’s models of the unconscious feminine (anima) and masculine (animus) and the insights we can draw about our own experience.

WEEK IV - MASCULINE SHADOW AND INTEGRITY - we will explore the immature and mature elements of masculinity and how to grow our awareness of the shadow and move towards greater integrity.

WEEK V - FEMININE SHADOW AND FLOW - we take a look at how we have been relating to our internal feminine with its shadow and its flow and how that relates to our relationship with the external feminine: as within so without.

WEEK VI - THE MORE INTEGRATED MASCULINE - we will integrate our learnings from the previous weeks and take a new vision of manhood forward into our lives. 


Practices in the course draw on 

  • Traditional Men's Circles
  • Inquiry
  • Rituals and Initiations 
  • Archetypes and Myths
  • Jungian Psychology
  • Developmental Theory
  • Emotional Catharsis
  • Movement
  • Connection and Intimacy Coaching


Conor is a psychologist trained as a counsellor and coach. He has been leading Men's Groups and Retreats for the past 5 years. He uses a person-centric approach combined with somatic experiencing to support individuals to come to a deeper awareness of behaviour patterns that no longer serve them. Conor's facilitation style supports individuals in their inquiry by holding a light presence without agenda, listening for questions that want to be asked and supporting people to come to greater ease and flow. Conor's background is in psychology with a B.A. in psychology and an MSc in behaviour change, he has also trained as a holistic counsellor. 

Influences on his work include Rafia Morgan, Carl Jung, David Deida, Ken Wilber, Hanzi Freinacht, Joseph Cambell, Brene Brown, Carl Rogers, Almass, Robert Bly, Sam Harris Bessell Van Der Kolk, Patrick Cregg and more...

★★★★★ - "Conor has created a group that's doing such important work for men now and the boys who will be given new freedoms to become better men in the future as a result” - Luke



Every Wednesday from the 20th of Jan  to the 27th of Feb 2021


Zoom room opens at 6:50pm and close at 7.10pm. To ensure the quality of the container we are co-creating, late comers may not be admitted.

Each event ends at 9.30pm



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