4.7/5 from 120 ratings
Mon 7th Dec 2020, 9:41pm

A great course that packs a lot of detail into a short time. My knowledge of crypto-currencies has increased many times and the comprehensive supporting material means I can keep adding to my knowledge long after the course has finished.

Thu 3rd Dec 2020, 10:49am
Tue 1st Dec 2020, 11:52pm
Mon 30th Nov 2020, 1:25pm

This course was fascinating, inspiring, and educational. It gave me the confidence to step into the world of crypto and DeFi of which I was too intimidated before. It stretched me in a great way. Now knowing how important this emerging technology is I would recommend it for anyone.

Mon 30th Nov 2020, 12:57pm
Mon 30th Nov 2020, 10:54am

Worth every gwei! Fantastic introduction, really detailed notes that I have already gone back to several times to help clarify my subsequent interactions with the crypto world. I feel like I went on a journey over the course of the month - from crypto curious, to crypto trader, and have come out the other side as a better informed, slower-paced crypto enthusiast. Crypto and de-fi are really energetic and hypey spaces and it's easy to get lost in the buzz. Stephen's grounded approach and thoughtfulness about the field helped pull me out the other side and consider how I can help meaningful crypto projects rather than fixate on crypto as a cash cow.

Fri 27th Nov 2020, 9:16pm

The course covers a tremendous amount of material in a very short time. This is only possible because the teacher is outstanding. On offer are directly applicable advice and strategies to take advantage of the new economics made possible by the development of the internet and cryptography.

Fri 27th Nov 2020, 5:54pm

Insightful peak into the mysterious world of crypto! Thank you Stephen for creating and delivering this course which I think is well suited to beginners like myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but feel like I have peaked into another world - one that gives another alternative reality and story away from the “beaten track” of centralised banks and systems that are all we know today. I am intrigued to come back to the material and recordings in the coming months, and feel confident I could explain the basics of DeFi to others who are curious on this path. Would recommend to friends!

Fri 27th Nov 2020, 11:40am

I didn't really know what to expect, but I was very happy with this course. Both interesting and useful, which is a rare and precious thing in this world! The subject matter suited the Zoom medium very well, and the demonstration approach of actually going through the processes of, say, yield farming or trading on an AMM on-screen was the ideal way to teach them and give confidence to try them out for myself.

Fri 27th Nov 2020, 10:01am