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Thu 23rd Feb 2023, 10:44am
Thu 23rd Feb 2023, 9:42am
Thu 23rd Feb 2023, 8:48am
Sat 3rd Dec 2022, 7:14pm
Fri 18th Nov 2022, 1:49pm
Thu 29th Sep 2022, 8:23pm

Such a valuable and enriching experience. It made me aware of theories and concepts I had never thought of before and opened up my mind to so much wisdom and thoughtfulness that's out there about how to treat your body and mind in a healthy, intentional way. Stephen gently guided us through the sessions and gave us the freedom to pick up whatever resonated with us. I'm excited to continue exploring all those resources on my own and implementing some of the practices into my life.

Thu 29th Sep 2022, 9:27am

It really opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am exploring parts of me that I never knew existed. Great value!

Wed 15th Jun 2022, 5:07pm

Your approach is calm and welcoming Stephen, tech is not my favourite area so this makes it more fun to learn. I loved meeting other people and hearing their questions, things I hadn't thought about but were relevant to me.

Tue 14th Jun 2022, 6:57pm

I appreciated this Organisers' Forum greatly. Stephen Reid did a great job of facilitating the talk and was able to provide a clear overview of how to make best use of the Dandelion platform. Stephen also did an excellent job answering questions that arose as well. I left the experience encouraged and inspired.

Sun 5th Jun 2022, 9:46am

It is a very informative course and Stephen is a knowledgable, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring crypto, ReFi and or Web3.