We Are Wild Sessions

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Website https://www.awildsession.com/
Location Glastonbury, UK

By blending the untamed characteristics of nature with musical talent, each event creates a captivating atmosphere that celebrates our appreciation for the wild. Come experience the raw beauty and extraordinary soundscapes, unlike anything you've heard before

Our ethos

For millennia, the earth was wild and untamed. It teemed with life without human interference or the destruction of natural habitats. But as we humans have grown in number and reach, that pristine wilderness has been diminished - meaning not only for its beauty but also the creatures who once inhabited it freely alongside us. Music inspired by nature can be a powerful way to tap into this connection: an attempt at restoring, and inspiring our reverence for Earth's many gifts, its elements both seen and unseen; a reminder that although humanity may dominate much of what surrounds us today, it will never quite extinguish that spiritual tie between ourselves and all creation on which depends our future wellbeing too.

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