Wævey Witchcraft

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Website https://waeveywitchcraft.durable.co/
Location Brighton, UK

Grace, the founder of Wævey Witchcraft, is a holistic well-being guide and facilitator who offers spiritual services, rituals, and workshops. Her mission is to guide individuals on their journey to becoming aligned and empowered beings by unleashing their inner magic. She creates sacred spaces and weaves journeys with the aim of promoting balance and ease in people's lives. 

Grace believes that every individual is unique and has their own personal route to a journey of healing, balance, and ease. To her, well-being means finding an inner harmony between the different realms of life, the practical to the spiritual, and recognising the ebb and flow of what it means to be a thriving, empowered being. She emphasises that practice is more important than perfection and a constant desire for happiness.

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