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Location London, UK

Vermilion aims to be an inclusive practice & play space for the sex positive, health, wellness, intimacy & conscious kink community, where conscious, consenting adults can dialogue, explore, connect, share, learn & play with games & practices both online and at workshops, retreats & celebrations.

We share what we know and welcome other experiences. Anyone is welcome to create an offering; everyone has something to share. Our intention is the pursuit of vitality, connection, energetic cultivation, deepening love, pleasure, and ultimately freedom.

Vermilion has been created by Emerald May & Drew Lawson as both a community space and a business. As such we create Vermilion ticketed on and offline events, and co-create with other Vermilion members. 

We have a donation option for our events and this is entirely optional. This is to support us building the community, thank you for your generosity and support.  

To attend our events, please join Vermilion facebook group and answer the 3 membership questions.

To create a space that allows us to explore, we ask that all members follow agreements in all our spaces. If you feel anyone is contravening the agreements then please let an admin know. Anyone found to be not adhering to these will be removed from the group following a warning.

Vermilion Agreements

  1. We agree to keep our focus on the art and practice of conscious connection, intimacy, wellness & sexuality within this group.
  2. We agree to keep everything that happens within the group confidential, and to avoid discussing any happenings outside the group in any way that could identify other members. This also includes sharing any text or images that are shared in the group without the owner's explicit permission.
  3. We agree to honour the practices, participants, & intentions of the group, & the boundaries of each specific workshop.
  4. We agree to honour & respect ourselves and each other. Self responsibility is key, all practices are an invitation.
  5. We agree to practice verbal consent. No always means no; no explanation is necessary.
  6. We agree to maintain an inclusive space, where all races, cultures, genders, sexual preferences, life-stage, age, parenting and relationship structures are welcome.
  7. We agree to get regularly tested for STIs, and take full responsibility for our fluid boundaries with others. Vermilion cannot take responsibility for the sexual health of any of its members, and anyone disrespecting this will be asked to leave immediately.
  8. We agree to honour and name any existing relationship structures.
  9. We agree to respect the requests of the group admins & mods.
  10. We agree only promote non-Vermilion events in the Off-vermilion announcements thread

We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety in this space, and we ask all members to take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

We operate a PAL system for new members to our offline events. For more details: