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Syntropy is a very different kind of wellbeing app.

International artists and musicians collaborate to create beautiful video artworks for relaxation, breathwork, meditation and emotion regulation any time, any place.

We're hosting a series of online FREE webinars..


Come and join a very special audio-visual meditation experience taking place on Wednesday 16th April, 20:00 - 20:30 UK time, via zoom.

Syntropy’s co-founder Gavin Andrews will guide you into relaxation using a series of Syntropy’s beautiful digital artwork videos combined with simple but powerful breathwork techniques. Gavin is also the managing director of HeartMath UK+IRL and is an expert in Coherence breathwork.

We invite you to join us for something totally unique. Watch in a dark room and wear headphones to get the optimal effect! Sit back, relax and lose yourself in psychedelic art and ambient electronica for 30 minutes. 


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