Svartlöga Yoga

Location Svartlöga, Blidö, Sverige

Svartlöga Yoga

Is a commune for participatory exploration of communal wellbeing through holistic practices, such as yoga. Svartlöga Yoga is based on a holistic understanding of humans, communities and our entire planetary environment. This understanding envisions a break-away, a fork away from the business as usual with its inherent shortcomings. Communal and holistic wellbeing requires a transformational approach to society, societal practices and culture. This is what we explore in a participatory fashion at Svartlöga Yoga. Svartlöga is a remote island in the Stockholm archipelago, where we organise retreats with deliberate intentions and practices. We like to think of Svartlöga as an “island of sanity in a sea of insanity”, to use the words of Meg Wheatley.



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