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Website https://s33d.life
Telegram group https://t.me/s33dlife
Location Earth

A distributed seed & story library

S33D is weaving a distributed library network to recalibrate the value of seed saving and storytelling within both our local and global economies.

Value Recalibration

By revaluing the role biodiversity has to play within both our local and global value flows, S33D begins to unlock the full potential of organic assets whilst protecting seed sovereignty.

Mapping Plant Trade

Creating distributed ledgers for seed flows, tree distribution, and harvest cycles. Offering wider and more transparent access to a diversity of food, medicines and plant based products, as well as their accompanying stories.

Community Governance

S33D’s Library Network (SLN) is powered by a suit of tools to assist us in reconnecting with our origins through education, trade, and localized community curation.

Open Source Education

Focusing innovation around local, open-source libraries and gardens, S33D opens up a playground of edible education. Empowering us to see the creation inherent in our consumption.