Ritual Eros is a community co-created to explore the intentional cultivation, celebration & intentional offering of eros life force energy (eros, prana, chi, the force etc). We hold the principle that Eros is the generative energy that flows through and feeds all of life.

We host online and real world get togethers, trainings, workshops, **SxMgk** Rituals, intimate play spaces and the occasional retreat. 

We are aspiring to co-create together a new kind of community experience, one whose architecture more resembles the **mycelium** than the pyramid. This is to mitigate the challenges of the shadow power-over dynamics that can arise in rigid pyramidical organisations. The emergent Ritual Eros leadership team consists of around a dozen or so volunteer facilitators, organisers, admin support and assistants, more will be shared as the team forms and consolidates. 

We are, at our heart, an ecological organisation. A percentage of all income from Ritual Eros events is gifted to the AloolA foundation, an organisation that alchemises Eros into Ecology by planting trees and coral from ticket sales: We cultivate eros, we offer some of this eros energy as donation, trees & coral get planted. This is **SxMgk ** made manifest!

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