Location North Carolina, USA

Permatours is a DAO that brings actionable crews together to aid eco-based living centers & businesses in an effort to learn, expand, & co-create an interconnected future for all.  Our mission is cultivate a regenerative future through joyful learning experiences that empower people to live, work, & thrive in harmony with earth, self, & each other.

Our hosts are individuals, farms, homesteads, & communities who share their land for transformational, earth-healing events & projects.

Web3 Experimentation & Relationship w/ SEEDS - the movement, community, & cryptocurrency

Permatours received a Seeds cryptocurrency grant to reward those who contribute to our permaculture & natural building-focused projects and retreats. Seeds can be used to buy products & services from members of Permatours community, the global Seeds community, & others using the currency to regenerate the planet.  See our website’s catalog of products and services available for payment in Seeds:

With each event we facilitate, Permatours weaves together hubs and community centers around the Northeast & midwest (U.S.) & internationally that are offering space for community building, education, regenerative agriculture and building, alternative forms of barter and trade, and new ways to govern that increase representation and voice for members of communities.