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Location Glastonbury, UK

MenFest is created to share and explore what works for us and to grieve and release what doesn’t. To bring the vibrancy of Healthy Masculinity together in community and celebration, to identify what support, tools and dynamics we need in our lives and to forge the world of our longing, together. We come to Heal, to Learn, to Love, to Think and to Take Care of Each Other.

Our hope is that in coming together as Men, we can resource ourselves, individually and collectively, for the work to come. Whether it’s personal health, skills, family, community or work, how we bring ourselves to the world in these times of drastic change matters deeply. To our families, to ourselves and to each other. Now!

So, we’re creating MenFest through ‘Radical Participation’. In essence, this means... Bring your story. Bring your song. Show your wares. Share your knowledge. Show your heart.

Whatever your passion, be it ancient skills, the arts, embodied presence or new economy, show up and bring your gifts! Some of the areas within MenFest are: The Circle, The Expression Stage, The Embodiment Area, The Makers Space, The Healing Tent, The Arrow - for discussions and workshops on Next Steps, New Economy, Healthy Fatherhood, Rites of Passage, Council, Mentorship, etc., The Spa, The Kitchen, The Black Tent and much more...!

If you identify as a Man, then MenFest is for you!

This is not about race, shape, sexual preference or gender politics, this is about delving into the Embodied Masculine. That said, Healthy Masculine is about embracing the equality, power and relevance of the Feminine, too.

If you resonate with the label ‘Man’, have been living as such and are keen to contribute to this conversation... Please Join Us!

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