La Puente Diamante Colectiva

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Location San Salvador de Baru, Puntarenas Province, Savegre, Costa Rica

La Asociacion Puente Diamante Colectiva  (also known as La Puente Colectiva, The Diamante Bridge Collective, and the DBC) is a network of land stewards, individuals, organizations and communities founded within the Diamante Valley of Costa Rica, and open to all our relations worldwide who find affinity with our vision, values, mission and goals.

La Puente Colectiva functions as a hub of many physical nodes, connected via global networks with the goal of restoring, protecting, stewarding and consciously inhabiting lands and watersheds while living harmoniously within them as people of place.

Members are creating a locally resilient and globally regenerative economy that includes digital currencies with transparent and accountable exchange.


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