Giuliano Salas

Location Peru

Inca priest and astrologer.

Giuliano was born in the Peruvian Andes and since childhood he received spiritual instruction from his father and grandfather. As a teenager, he became interested in Inca astrology, a science in which he deepened over the years and which he still practices today.

He lived in the United States and Canada during his youth, where he studied and understood the problems and challenges that a human being, immersed in a western lifestyle, faces. This experience inspired him to return to Peru and research and experience healing practices, based on Inca Ancestral Wisdom as he walked the paths of inner alchemy.

He lived in the Amazon Jungle - Peruvian part, where he learned the traditional medicine of the region and received the message of the plants. In Cusco, he spent countless nights in solitude in the sacred mountains, immersed in fasts, pilgrimages and meditations that led him to receive various initiations in the Andean spiritual tradition and to reconnect with the magical-spiritual practices of his ancestors.

Giuliano continues to research and support the awakening of the spiritual wealth left in the Andes by the great sages of the past, and as part of his mission, in 2015 he founded IntiPath an Inca spiritualist school to share the ancestral wisdom of his country. Since then, he has guided and initiated countless seekers through the physical and spiritual paths of the Andes.

Thus, it fulfills the mission assigned to it: sharing the Andean spiritual ancestry with the brothers in Brazil, UK, Canada and Australia helping them to remember that it is possible to live in balance and harmony, thus achieving happiness.

Its objective is to inspire people to live their lives from new paradigms, acting with greater awareness in their personal lives and in their interactions with society, with Mother Earth and with the stars.

Giuliano carries out his therapeutic services and training online and in person for Brazil and abroad, where he also performs cocoa ceremonies and other ancestral rituals.

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