From Signal to Resonance

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Location Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin

We invite you to playfully explore the space between us; to inquire into what possibilities for collective intelligence can build, when we choose to open to shared presence in a particular relational constellation and context. We believe this practice is important in a world tending toward increasing fragmentation.

One way of describing the practice is to see boundaries not as something separating, but generative of the intersubjective space. 

By choosing to explore what ground we stand on together, and what we are open to collectively, as sovereign individuals, we have an opportunity to experience consciousness as an emergent property. 

We practice the delicate dance between observing and engaging in the collective presence- in a way that is tending to the connection between us, and the individuality which one brings to the collective. 

This exploration is amongst many things specifically inspired by the work of Elisabeth Debold and Thomas Steininger, and the emerge dialogue process.