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Ecstatic Trance Medicine


Ecstatic Trance Medicine™ guides you through internal processes so that you can embody the strength of your inner power. 

Utilising the body's natural ecstatic states with intentional trance to find your own medicine within.

Kate Freyja McLoughlin weaves ancestral wisdom with movement, emotional alchemy, visualisation, pranayama (breath work), ecstatic embodiment teachings, community connection and innocent play.

Kate opens space for you to guide yourself through your own healing processes.

Come along to one of the weekly Ecstatic Dance classes to move out of your head and into your body. 


With Kate's naturally confident radiance, calming presence and effective grounded practises, her guidance offers an opportunity for deep playful personal transformation. 


For the last two years Kate has been studying traditional Core, Siberian & Himalayan Shamanism alongside Tantra to gain insight with understanding the nature of her existence and purpose. Kate aims to invite playful innocent being into this world full of much doing. 

Kate has been sharing ecstatic dance journeys since 2017 where she began her own embodiment training to heal past trauma, reconnect with her body, to remember how to express herself authentically unapologetically. 

As well as facilitating workshops and ecstatic dances, Kate also works with people 1:1 and within group programmes between 4-12 weeks for guidance with personal growth. In these training programmes, Kate teaches about the subtle energetic body, intertwining yoga therapy with ritual and body self-dearmouring practises.

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