Ecstatic Dance Bristol

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Location Bristol, England

EDB Sundays

Scout Hall, Bristol, BS5 6PU



05/02 Soofi (Sophie Bolton) | 14:00 - 17:15
12/02 Pixi Pete | 15:00 - 18:15
19/02 Gaia Harvey Jackson | 15:00 - 18:15
26/02 Sea Gypsee | 15:00 - 18:15

Ecstatic Dance Bristol

Ecstatic Dance Bristol combines the worlds of Ecstatic Dance, diverse dance music and sound system culture with prayer, mindfulness and ritual.

Using the practice of Ecstatic Dance we create a held space for you to express, expand and experience rejuvenation through movement, dance and sound.

The experience is a modern day ritual where the communion of people, movement and sound serve as mediums for transformation, liberation and soul invigorating celebration.

Our community gatherings are sober and suitable for all ages, abilities and people.

Come as you are. Dance as you please. Be your unique self.


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