Circle School with Mitlé

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Location Devon, UK

A pathway for mythic hearted Circle Holders

Rooted in an Ancient Tradition | Growing into a Modern Movement


Circle School is here for mentors, healers, teachers, space-holders, creatives, coaches, practitioners, care-givers and community organisers who desire to deepen into the art, craft and skill of holding circles. 

We are remembering, reclaiming and redefining this ancient practice of gathering in Circle, and contributing to a modern circle movement for these times.


Circle School is a place for learning, practising and reflecting.

Founded in 2018, Circle School offers potent Circles and immersive experiences in the art, craft and skills of holding circles.

We believe that deepening your connection to your ancestral lineage and cultural heritage, and remembering and recovering your myths and stories support your circle work to be rooted in the ancient origins of circles and to create unique, powerful and revolutionary circles that meet the needs of your community in today’s troubled world.

We are committed to supporting you to deepen your capacity to create equitable, inclusive, safer, restorative, regenerative and emergent circles and community spaces.

Our founder, Mitlé, our Certified Circle Holder Mentors and our guest teachers are devoted to embodying the principles of Circle and strive to be transparent and generous in their teaching, guidance, support and mentoring.

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