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Location London, UK

BreathZone is a holistic health company delivering bespoke events and trainings to optimise public and employee well-being and performance using scientifically proven tools of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness. B

BreathZone is founded by Melike Hussein. Melike is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Breath-Body-Mind ® Practitioner, Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Workshop Leader and Conscious Breathing Practitioner. She combines her expertise in range of Conscious Breathing practices and Mindfulness with her medical background as a Certified Nurse. 

Melike is also the creator of Transformational Conscious Breathwork ®, the first of its kind, uniquely combining powerful tools of Breathwork and Mindfulness, offering immediate results as well as sustainable long-term change. 

Few words from Melike, the founder of BreathZone


Following 15 years of successful corporate background in Finance leadership roles in international companies, I discovered Mindfulness and Conscious Breathing following a devastating burn-out while working as a Finance Director. 

Through these natural practices, I witnessed a complete transformation in my mental health, wellbeing and mental performance within a relatively short period. 

Astounded by the results, which went against the possibilities envisioned by the traditional medical training at the time, I went on to train with the world-renowned experts, institutions and medical doctors around the world. Years of extensive professional training and field work culminated in BreathZone. 

I am passionate about empowering my clients to take charge of not only their health and wellbeing, but perhaps more importantly boost their mental performance and productivity with rich tool-kit of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness practices.

I work with individuals, groups and corporate clients offering one to one sessions, workshops, courses and bespoke training events. 

Contact me to discuss how BreathZone can support you, your company and your employees in reaching your goals.


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