The BeeHive

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Location Berlin, Deutschland

The BeeHive is a Berlin based community (of friends) who regularly come together to co-create gatherings, mini festivals and rituals, celebrating the cycles of nature and life.  Our gatherings are inspired by the collaborative, creative and playful spirit of burner culture as well as the values of radical tenderness and nature connection. 

Our intention is to cultivate a place-based community with a strong social fabric of mutual support. The Hive culture is strongly characterized by Bee’s efforts to contribute towards the flourishing of the earth with all its human and more than human beings. It’s also a fertile ground for various practices of spiritual, personal and collective development.

The BeeHive started as a camp of 35 Bees at Kiezburn 2019. Since then the Hive has organised six co-created long multi-day gatherings in nature, and swarmed together for various seasonal celebrations, regular Friday night meet ups, regular Sunday Saunas, nature walks,  demonstrations and tree dance events  in and around Berlin.

Although the BeeHive is intentionally not centred around work and productivity, but rather around care, beauty, play and creativity,  the community has brought forth various work collaborations, housing projects and - YES - also various love relationships!


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