Art Healing with Zaira

Location London, UK

The arts are a catalyst for positive change. They have extraordinary healing powers to elevate humanity and our collective consciousness through creativity. I believe that you contain a Life force that is extraordinarily creative, is longing to express itself and support you to live in abundance.

As an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist (Trainee) I design and facilitate online and in-person spaces that use the arts to promote self-awareness, strengthen connection with self and community, and enhance well-being. 

I work with creative modalities such as 2D and 3D art making (painting, drawing, collage, clay, sculpture), movement and somatic practices, breathwork, guided visualizations, affirmations and humanistic techniques that are supported by neuroscience to expand your self-awareness, process your emotions, transform your core beliefs and create new behaviours that allow you to awaken your creativity and live your potential.

Everyone has the ability to express themselves creatively, even though they might not call themselves an artist. Inclusivity is my core value, and all workshops are designed for everyone to comfortably and safely express themselves, whilst having fun!