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This is a project to develop a community of boats on a piece of land on the River Roding in Barking.

Hello from the River Roding! We boaters on the River Roding Community Moorings are looking for new members to moor here in Barking with us.

We have been here since the summer (except Paul, our wayfarer, who was here first). In that time we have made lots of progress with the project, with pontoons built and various obstacles overcome to make the Roding home. This is a community project, and we plan to make community micro-allotments, permanently reinstate the path to Ilford,and plant trees. Your ideas for local improvements would be welcome.

I do describe the project as an adventure, and it's not as simple as pootling around the canals. The Roding is tidal, and as yet we haven't got a water supply, so have to head downstream when the tides are right, to fill up. There's a cheap 24h gym nearby if, like me, you like your tank to last aaages.

We want people who can commit enthusiasm, time, labour and a wee bit of cash to the project. Here's some key things:
- COST: same as your CRT license, which you no longer need. We'd initially like 3 months' paid upfront to fund developments 
- TIME: an average minimum commitment of 2 days a month to mooring maintenance and building, and community projects. 
- BOAT: a narrowboat able to do the Thames from Bow to Barking. We've got Lifejackets etc. 
- WHERE: Barking, zone 4. About 10-15 mins from the station. Our location is close to builders' merchants and Tesco, which is handy. We are referred to as pirates in the local pub. 
- US: 3 boats. Paul, whom I describe as the mad barrister. Full of energy and plans galore. Ele & Rob, happy people who are kind and reliable and get things done. Co-owners of my cats. Me, sweary, Scottish and often almost falling in.

LOOS: Compost loo required!

The land is a 10-15 minute walk to Barking station, which has trains to Fenchurch street (15 minutes) or Hammersmith & City/District Line trains (30 minutes to central). 

If you have a question about the moorings that's not covered here, do get in touch via email to