Gather 2 Change      

This is a gathering initiated by the community that took part in the EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) courses in Glarisegg in the last years and people, which have been joining us on the way.

We will be co-creating a festival in France close to Vesoul, not far from Germany and Switzerland.

 Join us in our explorations 

 23rd - 30th June 2017  

We want to create an atmosphere of “freesponsibility", where people are empowered to feel free and responsible in co-creating the content of this gathering, to be active participants rather than passive consumers. We are going to provide a schedule with open space slots that are going to be filled with YOUR contributions! Therefore, we would like to invite you to think again about themes, ideas, songs…whatever interests you. Grab it, bring it to the gathering and we will create something great out of all those resources!

Already after joining the group on Huddl, you will become part of co-creating this gathereing. And when we arrive, we will fill it together with you, being all participants of this great happening on the same level! Therefore, we will need your presence and support with cooking, caring for our space and so on. We are looking forward to amazing kitchen and cooking parties all together!

 Below are a few questions, your answers will be visible to all the other co-creators. 
 It would be really nice to hear a bit about you!  

After you submitted your answers, the people who already joined will accept you as fast as they can! Once you are part of the website the important stuff starts!! You can use this website (huddl) to chat with all the other people, join teams, which are taking responsibility for specific parts of the gathering, look for transport options, offer workshops and many more things!

Applications are visible to all existing members, and are accepted upon receiving 0 proposers + supporters (with at least one proposer).

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