This is a Bad-Ass Party busting mind-mover in the most colourful theme camp! Why? Because the Multi-Kulti-Circus is back in new shape!

With our Kiez we create a little universe focusing on the elements that form the (under?) World. Our sanctuary is the dancefloor that represents the element of WATER: fluid, flowing, wavering, constant movement, but slow and steady, swirling inside each of us and holding on to its mystery. At the EARTH workshop area you (may) find stability and groundedness. Many beautiful souls floating around will fill the AIR with LOVE, connecting ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes, SPIRITuality. FIREs are burning - at UnderWorld, around the whole site, but also within each one of us.

>>> And now? These elements and volunteer areas are waiting to be filled with you ideas and partycipation! <<<

- Kitchen: How to get some energy for and during the Kiez Burn days? You feel like cooking, cutting or cleaning?
- Bar: What is the element drink of the day? What else we offer?
- Decoration, Art & Art Grant: Pimp up the Kiesgrube and give the elements shape! Get some budget for blinky-blinky stuff!
- Music & Programm: Who is playing when? Which workshop are taking place when? Opening ceremony?
- Logistics/Organisation: What to we have? What do we need? Who can provide? How to transport?
- Site: How much power we need? How the get water? Where will be our location, how much space we need? Is everything safe? Organise Build & Strike.

>>> Let´s create a beautiful new KIEZ at KIEZ BURN 2018 <<<

Applications are visible to all existing members, and are accepted upon receiving 10 proposers + supporters (with at least one proposer).