We are currently at capacity with a long waiting list.

Sadly any applications are very unlikely to be accepted now. 

Dusty hugs,


We're forming a brand-spanking-new barrio with distributed decision-making and visioning from the very start. What does your dream in the dust look like? Come co-create a home to keep us all safe, loved, shaded, and fuelled with delicious food through the desert dust storms of Nowhere! Together we will all use elbow grease to make shit happen, create a community and come up with our own wild and sexy vision!


Our barrio will focus on ideas of re-birth, re-creation, and self-discovery. It will be a site of personal transformation where dusty, worn out caterpillars can undergo a period of energising creative pupation, and emerge as beautiful butterflies.

Over the course of the week we will transform our central tent into an enormous chrysalis bedecked with mesmeric giant butterflies flapping in the wind.

Inside, workshop spaces, a library of second hand inspirational books and poetry, writing materials, comfortable snuggling space, and a fine collection of (body) paints, canvas, wire, and biodegradable sparkly things will provide everything a little caterpillar needs to reflect, process, create, perhaps fashion some fabulous wings, and emerge transformed.

Outside, caterpillar races, emergence ceremonies, music and dancing, will create a perfect launch pad for dazzling new butterflies to fly off into the desert.


  • Transparency and accountability           
  • Mindfulness of our power and privilege in relation to others
  • Sustainability
  • Nowhere’s 10 core principles: (click here)


All barrio members commit to:

  • A willingness to help co-create a home for us all at Nowhere
  • A willingness to contribute towards one or more teams
  • A willingness to help with either or both build and strike if this is possible


We currently have 12 teams covering the essential ingredients of a successful barrio. As our barrio grows, more opportunities will come up to make our barrio buzz!

  • Art & Decor
  • Coordination/Administration
  • Electricity/Power
  • Finances
  • Food & Drink
  • Leave No Trace
  • Power, privilege, and inclusion          
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Structures/Buildings
  • Toilets
  • Transport
  • Water & Showers
  • Welfare
  • Workshops


All barrio members are committed to pooling costs that will cover all food, drink, and shelter during Nowhere. The budget is decided collectively. We currently estimate that individual contributions will range between £150-£200 (€175-€230), but would like to explore the possibility of having different price brackets.

If you would like to join the barrio, please fill in the form below. Please submit one application per person (rather than as a group) 

Applications are visible to all existing members, and are accepted upon receiving 40 proposers + supporters (with at least one proposer).