Co-creators 5/40

Sure we can party 24h a day, 7 days a week, but what do we learn from it ? Barrio Espace comes back as an “espace” for all nobodies to mingle, exchange and learn from each other through creative self-expression.

This year, we have placed our Barrio under the aura of three Goddesses:
🌀 Oneira, the Goddess of Creativity,
♻️ Synei, the Goddess of Symbiosis,
💥 Firren, the Goddess of Celebration.

All week long our priests will organise rituals to worship these divinities, but we need your help to fulfil them.

So come, enter our temple, unleash your imagination, party as hard as you can, and discover other crazy people in our collaborative, artistic and radically wtf workshops, parties and events.

The Goddesses will be pleased, and so shall you.

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