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Experience and embrace your eroticism, your internal landscape of sensations and emotions… 

and be lovingly witnessed (when perhaps in this area you have not been), all while learning some of the basics of striptease. No experience, rhythm or nudity necessary!

This is an interactive workshop, an offering to connect with self. To explore and express one's inner dance and be given some approaches to letting your erotic (or silly) dancer out. Be it in front of a mirror, to dance for another, or to seduce a loved one…

Come and celebrate your erotic charge!

Build your confidence, have fun, let go and get creative! Maybe shed some judgements, fears, inhibitions and, should you wish, some clothes! How does it feel to perform, to express, to not have a clue, to drop thought and just move, move, move? 

There is medicine in this edgy madness. Surprisingly deep and delicious…

Together we will cover:

  • Mindset
  • Embodiment
  • Technique

You will have the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into yourself - your body, mind and any limiting beliefs, and allow yourself the freedom and acceptance to be as you are, however you wish to express yourself!

All humans are welcome in this space. Everything is an invitation - you do not have to do anything you don't want to.

When: Wednesday 5th April 7-9.30pm

Where: London, venue tbc


Fennel Waters

Fennel (she/they) is a qualified life coach, Mindfulness trainer, and fitness instructor, and has been working with personal development, health & wellbeing, mental health, and Emotional Intelligence for more than 25 years - in the corporate world, conscious communities, and in personal/private practice.

They co lead the sex positivity community (Vermilion), that encourages awareness of, and education in, autonomy, authentic relating, consent & boundaries, neo/tantra, inclusivity, diversity, and conscious kink & BDSM. Vermilion's Morning Social circle was a finalist for Event Of The Year in the 2022 Sexual Freedom Awards.

Fennel brings their training and their experience of movement (biodanza, ecstatic dance, striptease), embodiment, and authentic relating to their unique workshops.
Having run these workshops online during the pandemic lockdowns, and now in person (including her hugely successful debut at Buddhafield Festival) this workshop is amongst a few offered (so far), that are fast becoming a favourite with folx for permission, expression, and acceptance.


★★★★★ "I had so much fun at this workshop. Fennel held the space lovingly and with care. Really looking forward to the next one!" Alec, Brighton

★★★★★ "Great event! Exhilarating, sexy, artistic and life affirming!" Katie, London

★★★★★ "This was an amazing event, my favourite of the whole festival. Everyone was so supportive and uplifting. Real sense of safety, warmth and intimacy. Can't wait for the next one." Chris, Buddhafield

★★★★★ "Wow, I thought this would be too edgy for me, but Fennel held space beautifully, and I found myself relaxing, having fun, and tapping into my sexy dancer! I can't wait to do more of this - when's the next one?!" John, Sheffield

★★★★★ "My favourite Buddhafield workshop - liberating, insightful, energising, motivating! I now have to tell my mum I want to be a stripper lol!" Aisha, Buddhafield

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