Vibrating Under One Moon - A Journey of Self Discovery Through Song, Sound and Voice with Terra Cósmica

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Everything Is Frequency

We invite you to an evening of ritual rhythms and sound healing with Api and Rubén of Terra Cosmica, as they take us on a journey of self-discovery through song, sound and voice. 

Voice Workshop

This offering includes a 2 hour workshop in which you will be lovingly guided to find your inner voice and liberate your unique sound, all in a supportive group environment. 

Through various vocal exercises, you will:

  • Learn to unlock resonance points in your body
  • Connect to the healing properties your voice
  • Co-create new fields of self-discovery
  • Potentiate your own medicine

Learn new and original songs and connect to nature’s vibration through group singing. Tools such as meditation, breath-work, movement, sound baths and circle singing will be utilised in this session. Feel the resonance of the Earth’s heartbeat, the heartbeat of the sky and our own heartbeat. All united as One.

Sound Journey

Following the workshop Api and Rubén will guide you on a 1.5 hour sound journey to the core of your ancestral soul. Using tribal instruments and the elements of ceremony, sound and voice, you will be immersed in the journey through the ancestral cosmo vision, in a sacred and safe space. 

Like each tree, stone, river, bird and mountain, everything has its own frequency. It's own sound that resonates and expands in harmony in this Cosmic Orchestra.


Api Ascaso

Api is an explorative and vibrant soul whose musical abilities reunite together to create expressive, eclectic and soulful music. Her fascination for cultures, art, music and rhythm continues influencing her compositions and her genuine improvisation skills, using the several instruments that she plays with delicacy, will transport you to places out of time and space.

Api ́s musical exploration flows into the mysteries of self-discovery and healing, by participating and initiating many music collaborations which invite participants to encounter their own soul and formulate those responses that are been sought. Nature speaks through her music, unfolding social and environmental issues and offering a sound landscape that inspires the audience to breathe, connect and celebrate life. She also offers music workshops called “Music Under One Moon”. A space to dive into the depths of silence, find our unique sound and connect to the healing properties of the voice.

Rubén Vucubcame Yon’ton

Rubén Vucubcame Yon’ton, Nahua Indigenous Mesoamerican Ritual Artist, explores the interconnection between dance, music, drama and visual art. He believes each person potentiates their own medicine by unlocking resonance points and letting our unique true nature flow towards unification with the consciousness. The Origin in the Heart is the essential starting point, the cosmic beat that unifies humanity in one heart.

In his project called “Origin Te Yon’ton” – “Origin of the Heart”, Rubén has developed a series of workshops that include: “Frequency & Vibration”, “Ritual Drum Rhythm” and “Drum Birthing”, drum-making workshop inspired by the Huehuetl (grandfather drum) and the Chimalli (Battel Shield). These workshops are designed to amplify our vibration and discover a space that goes beyond entertainment, allowing self-discovery and healing

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