Spring Equinox Avalon Retreat

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At this time of great awakening in Mother Nature, we invite you to a place between worlds to awaken with her. 


Transformative, life affirming, magical, I laughed, I cried, I loved, I went deep inside and I learned to accept love. It was one of the most profound weekends of my life and I'm so excited for the next one! Josh and Laura were absolutely flawless." Alex G


 When the Earth is in perfect balance between dark and light, the ancient ones came together to celebrate Ostara, or the Spring Equinox: The moment of total balance and awakening from deep within Mother Nature. Ostara is a time of abundance, celebration, expansion, manifestation and connection to her sacred wells. 

The Isle of Avalon (or in this dimension, Glastonbury) is a place that must be experienced to be truly understood. The myths and legends are woven into the land, from the Holy Grail to the Great Goddess and the gateway to Awnwnn. Known in ancient times as the heart of the Druids, and the heart chakra of the world, this major intersection of Lei Lines (energetic veins of the Earth) provides a perfect place to undergo powerful transformation. We love this video that goes into how. 

If you feel a call to revisit your deeper self, return to your heart, experience soul-centric community and immerse into a land overflowing with myth, magic and holy water, this could be for you. 

"Already a month after it happened, the experience of connection at this retreat still permeates every fiber of my being. I still find astounding how they managed to create such a bubble of heightened consciousness over a weekend where connecting with one's self and the rest of beautiful souls on the same journey felt as easy and fulfilling as it could get. Spiritual growth and a renewed sense of connection with my self were marks this retreat left in me I can now confirm are not fading away." David G 


Working with the energies of the land, the holy wells and springs and this potent moment, we will come together to experience expansion, liberation, connection and transformation. You will be guided through a safely held intertwining of practices such as Somatic Experiencing for trauma release, Daoist practices for a deep rebalancing our energetic, emotional and physical system and associated elemental structure, Pagan Earth ceremonies at ancient sacred wells, mantra, manifestation work at manifestation portals.. and more. 



Experience Glastonbury's sacred wells and springs & power spots in private ceremonies 

Including a ceremony at the White Spring: One of the main portals to the otherworld & another more secret portal spot only known to a few people. 

Trauma-informed work for working through our inner blockages 

Informed by the work of Peter Levine and Gabor Mate led by Josh, Somatic Experiencing & trauma-informed practitioner. 

Cacao Ceremony 

Quantum Manifestation work 

Hot tub, fire ceremony & Sauna on the Tor 

Stargaze from a hot tub on the side of Glastonbury's Tor overlooking Wearyall Hill in a secret portal orchard & sauna, plunge pool & fire ceremony. 

Ancient Fire Ceremony 

Spring Equinox ceremony guided by ancient pagan techniques 

Laura has been connected to and studying these ancient Pagan rites since she was a young child. We will connecting to the land of the South West and its mythical Celtic lineage, weaving Celtic rituals and practices for deepening in connection with land and spirit to harness the energy of the Solstice. 

Channeled musical medicine 

With an opportunity to open the passages of your own vibration - your voice! With experienced & renowned medicine musicians. 

The power of mantra 

Experience this ancient technique of opening up to the codes of Sanskrit to transform your consciousness. 

Community building 

Experience heart centred intentional community working with powerful intentions for vulnerability, openness, boundaries, radical self acceptance & expression & more. 

“The other people attending the retreat became family..the Ceremonies ran by Laura and Josh were executed with every inch of their being, the music was angelic... the only negative was that we didn't have another day. I departed full of love light peace in my soul and forever grateful to Laura and Josh for everything they did for us that weekend and can't wait for the next retreat, I will be there. Forever grateful.” Leon ★★★★★


Watch the highlights of our last retreat on the Winter Solstice here: 

What's included: 

  • Held activities & support for the entirety of the retreat,
  • Full board accommodation in beautiful retreat venue with views over the Somerset Levels and Glastonbury Tor
  • All meals: Nourishing vegan food - breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Facilitation of practices and support throughout the process,
  • Private access to the spring
  • Cacao and other plant medicines (a combination of Dream herbs, St. John's wort, Lady's Mantle & others depending on the needs of the group)
  • Live music
  • Access to wattsapp group for carpooling options




Your Facilitators

Laura Reeves

Laura Reeves is creative director and founder of Infinite Experience, creating experiences designed to ignite oneness and release illusions of separation. She has designed and held workshops and interactive performances on physical release and heart connection all over the world and is excited to be back in London sharing the release space, a physical medicine for the body and soul.

More about Laura: https://linktr.ee/laurareeves 


• The Wisdom of Trauma course with Gabor Mate 

• QiGong teacher training - 1 year - Mimi Kuo Deemer 

• Craniosacral therapy training - 1 year (in progress - CCST) 

• Somatic Experiencing - short course - Peter Levine 

• Reclaiming your six body wisdom areas course with Suzanne Scurlock

• 10 years working with shamanic diets and practice 

• Masters in Acting from East 15 (Alexandra technique; somatic practice & training; Meisner technique; physical theatre; body connection work; Clown studies; Bouffon)

BA (hons) Philosophy and Theology - consciousness studies/metaphysics - University of Nottingham and Melbourne 


Josh Swords 


Josh is somatic coach and breathwork facilitator with a speciality in neuroscience and trauma informed techniques. The core of his work is to reconnect you to your deeper truth and divine essence through releasing fear and trauma. 


• The Wisdom of Trauma course with Gabor Mate 

• Trained Somatic Experiencing practitioner - SOS Internationale - 3 years 

• 1 year breathwork training - Alchemy of Breath 

• Trauma informed coaching certificate 

• Polyvagal practice certification training 

• BA (hons) Sport Rehabilitation and Medicine - St Mary's University London 

Additional Facilitators & musicians TBA soon 

EVENT TIMES: 16:00 on the 16th of December - 12:00p.m. on the 18th of December 

LOCATION: Healing Waters, 1 The Roman Way, Glastonbury BA6 8AB

PAYMENT PLANS: Available on request. 

ALL ENQUIRIES: coaching@joshuaswords.com 


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Many facilitators are able to offer reduced ticket prices for those truly unable to afford the ticket price. If this is you, do please get in touch with the event organiser.

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