Loba Nomad Womb Circle

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Join our monthly online womb circle! 

Your womb is a precious Eden of creation & magic. Once you access its cosmic wisdom, being sovereign comes with ease. Softness, wildness, all is yours to explore. In your womb lies a life force. Whether you have a physical womb or feel like connecting to the womb space as an energetic center, a great mystery awaits you. This mystery has been shadowed for centuries and as we come back to our cyclical nature, we come closer to the ways of the earth.

When women gather, something magical happens. Delicate scents, crystalline sounds, soft touches, warm smiles. But also something beyond words, something profound and visceral. A vibration coming right from the center of the earth, rooted far beneath. The wild essence of those who recognise themselves as the bearers of life and death. Holders of the moon deep within, carriers of nature's cyclic wisdom. 

Next circle : 27th of November 5pm to 6.30pm CET

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