Serpent Dance of the Womb: Full Moon in Taurus

  • Tue 8th Nov 2022, 2:45pm – 5pm America/New York (UTC -05:00)
  • Online
women's circle dance creativity embodiment ritual embodied healing intimacy identity and connection
Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Womb Alchemy
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A dance ritual of Womb empowerment and blessing. A reclamation of our feminine power and wisdom.

This is for womxn who wish to reignite and tend to the flame of their sexuality, to awaken their creativity, and to simply feel more alive and at home in their bodies.

This will be a collective prayer space, where we become inspired and uplifted through each other's unique expression, and witness as each woman comes into her blossoming. 

It is open to all Womb-keepers, and womxn identified who feel a deep recognition with the inner Womb space.

What to expect

  • Alchemical Embodiment
  • Movement
  • Breathwork
  • Womb Activations
  • Light Language
  • Sharing Circle
  • Sxsterhood and Connection

"Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts."

How to prepare

This session will take place online via Zoom. It is preferable to connect via a laptop or tablet to gain the best experience.

We will be doing a movement practice together, so come with your space prepared, ideally so we can see you on camera as there will be some group and pair work. You may wish to familiarise yourself with the pin function on Zoom, however this will be explained in the class too.


If possible please bring an object with you to represent the flame of your sexuality, this could be a candle or flowers, simply something that speaks to you of sensuality and pleasure.

Set up a sacred space in your home, to mark the separation from the everyday. This can be by creating an altar, draping fabric or simply lighting a candle. 

The invitation is to dress in clothes in which you can move, and that make you feel good. You can dress for ceremony or just in what your body wants at that moment.

Bring journal, tea, sweet treats and art supplies as we embark on this ritual of the temple dance!

Background of this Offering


The Power of Sexuality

"Our sexuality is not only something that can be used for the enhancement of intimate relationships,  for physical pleasure,  or procreation. It can also be used for personal transformation, physical and emotional healing, self-realization, spiritual growth and a way to learn about all of life and death. 

An honest, sexually knowledgeable woman, or group of women, is a divine and extremely powerful force that can not only inspire other women, but also have the potential to contribute to the well-being of all life on Earth." - Annie Sprinkle


Creative Expression

Sexuality and creativity are intrinsically linked - being essentially one and the same force expressing itself in different forms. Here our intention is to ignite our capacity to create, so we may channel that energy into any direction we choose.  

Creativity isn't only linked to the arts we see, such as painting, dancing and singing - it is also a way of life. Our creative essence may express itself through mothering, our day to day work and in relationships. 

This practice awakens our creativity on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual, so we may become true embodiments of our divine essence, allowing that to nourish every aspect of our being.

"Bryony’s womb alchemy gatherings never cease to amaze, inspire and create magic on a deep level. She holds the space with reverence and guides ever so gently."

Why The Serpent?

"If you want to know how powerful something is, look at how much power has been used to suppress it." - Asia Suler 

The Serpent is an ancient symbol of the creative life force of the Earth, associated with the primal feminine knowing, though in more recent times it has been distorted and demonized to hide its original meaning. 

Here we remember it as a source of healing and power, as we awaken the Serpent within, the flame of our sexuality.


Why the Womb?

The Womb is a place of alchemy. Within her void like chamber, holds the capacity to transmute energy, the current of life force from one form to another.

It is the source of our feminine essence, the gateway to our power, passion and purpose. 

However due to its receptive nature, it often becomes the dumping ground of suppressed emotions and unresolved trauma. Through the alchemical practices of these sessions, we shed the skins of the past to restore the Womb as a place of sensuality and creation.

"Beautiful and nurturing perfect combination of personal work and circling, meditation and embodiment. Very deep work, very grateful."



“Yet again Bryony has succeeded in putting together three hours of mind, body and soul nourishing material which brings together a group of sisters who have never met and yet, share such a special connection, throughout the experience. By channelling the magical energy of the serpent, I managed to shed aspects of grief and trauma through a somatic movement practice and embodied visions of what I wanted to manifest. Bryony is a humble and skilled facilitator who weaves together ancient knowledge with bespoke practices to create a truly unique and unforgettable workshop that will have lasting effects in your day to day life. I can't recommend her work enough x x x Jess x x x” - Jess

I try to keep up a regular practice, but there is something truly magical in the space created and held by Bryony, especially in the group sessions. This session was an important moment in my journey, the stars literally were aligned. I was able to access depths of my inner self and womb like never before; it felt infinite and no doubt the 121 sessions I have been doing with Bryony helped me journey deep fearlessly. As a result I feel more connect to the world and the positive vibrations all around me, I am better able to escape the chatter of my mind, and be more womb led and in my phyical body. I am able to enjoy the delicious feelings of just being here in this moment, and channel the aliveness in my body. I am so grateful for the shared space and energy with all the other sisters. I highly recommend Bryony's beautiful work and encourage regular participation to really experience progress in one's journey.” - Meher

Such a gorgeous experience, witnessing and being witnessed is so powerful, since the session I've been celebrating a deeper connection with my womb and the life force, which we awakaned together. I highly recommend Bryonia as her wisdom, which she shares serves profound healing and supports awakening joy and creativity. The aftercare is also thoughtful and beautiful, the mediation and other resources shared supports me to go even deeper with this practise.” - Annamaria


About your facilitator

Bryony is a facilitator of Womb empowerment, alchemical embodiment, movement and meditation practices.

Bryony is an initiate of a hidden, yet very much alive, ancient women's shamanic tradition, whose origins stem from the British Isles, Eastern Europe, and the temples of old in Greece, and Crete.

Having been a student and teacher of yoga for many years, specialising in Womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra, Bryony stumbled across this living pathway by a series of synchronicities and serendipitous events. This rich tradition leads the walkers of it's ways into a more empowered, and enriched life, equipping them with the tools to stand both firmly planted in the earth, whilst exploring their inner sensual and stellar selves. Skilled in bridging worlds and turning the mundane to magic, she invites those willing to dive deep, to come to the betwixt and between and discover the sweetness that it holds. 

The fusion of Bryony's training in yoga and shamanic practice allows her to navigate the architecture of holding sacred space - through ceremony, classes, workshops, retreats and one on one sessions. She offers alternative and nourishing methods for students and clients alike to discover their own medicine through movement, magic, myth and mystery school teachings. 

Hers is an ongoing inquiry - committed to the path of learning and discovery, she continues to develop her work through shamanic and yoga training and a dedicated daily practice.


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