Change the world? Change yourself! 6-Week Breathwork course

  • Wed 11th Jan 2023, 5pm – Thu 16th Feb 2023, 7pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Breathwork Odyssey
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Why this course is unique

Most online self-improvement courses teach your mind ‘how to change’ - which you then may or may not do…in our course you will actually make the change and manifest it in your body - in the here-and-now! 

We combine cohort-based learning with guided breathwork, integration circles and step-by-step coaching tools on a visual Miro Board. The ratio of (16) participants to (4) practitioners is 4:1. Hence, you will build intimate relationships with us. The price even includes a 1:1 compassionate inquiry therapy session.


“It has been a unique experience for me to combine both an analytical framework and experiential breathwork. It created new insights for me that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”

Christian Erhard, Executive Coach and Hero's Journey Facilitator



Join a group of conscious people to explore what stands between you and your greatest embodied potential.

in six weeks…

This six-week course uses the power of breathwork to transport you into altered states of consciousness where you get to explore yourself and the impact you have in this world – and the one you could have…

via Breathwork and the Psychedelic Map For Change…

We achieve this by anchoring the guided breathwork sessions onto the six realms of the Psychedelic Map for Change: you, your relationships, your role in organisation/s or communities, as well as your part in humanity, nature and the universe. In this process you get to explore and melt your various limiting beliefs, fears, traumas, and resistance.

with tangible results!

By the end of this 6-week journey, you could:

  • have changed a self-limiting belief
  • learned how to create more expanding relationships
  • taken a career-changing action
  • feel energised and motivated to change the things that don't serve you as an embodied leader, change catalyst, carer, practitioner, partner, parent, friend, citizen, consumer or just human being
  • have a few epiphanies on how everything is connected
  • have made meaningful friendships that outlast the course

For alternative dates starting 11th January 2023 - book tickets here

The price: £220 (low income), £260 (Standard), £340 (Abundant)

What's included: 

✔ intimate group learning in small pods and triads, 16 participants max in cohort, four facilitators

✔ 6 two-hour online live group sessions

✔ of which 4 include one hour guided breath work sessions 

✔ 4 one hour optional integration drop-in sessions

✔ 1 one hour 1:1 Compassionate Inquiry Relational Therapy Session

✔ 30 mins stand-by support after each breath work session 

✔ Highly engaging and managed closed Telegram Group 

✔ Digital (printable) worksheets.


“This course is a unique blend of spiritual and practical, art and science, knowledge and intuition. You are in for a delicious personal discovery. Three Michelin Stars.” 

Jenia Espe, Coach & Consultant


Your Facilitators and our roles (bios below)

Steven Ebbers 

-→ your breath work guide whom many members of the Psychedelic Society UK already know and love

Ruth Veda 

-→ your hosting goddess for all group sessions, Relational Therapist for your Compassionate Inquiry 1:1s, and co-moderator of our closed Telegram Group

Ana Badila

-→ your spiritual coach and lead facilitator for all integration session, and co-moderator of our closed Telegram Group

Marcus Druen

-→ your lead facilitator for the orientation and sense-making sessions and first responder for your questions on the Psychedelic Map For Change


Why we need a Psychedelic Map For Change - PMFC 

The word psychedelic means ‘mind manifesting’. We urgently need to manifest our minds, to understand the unintended consequences of our choices over longer timeframes.

A map is a useful and ever-evolving tool to navigate both known and uncharted territories. Whilst you need to draw and explore your very own map, our collective set-and setting is change the story: specifically, to change the story from separation to a story of connection and unity, from competition to collaboration, from extraction to regeneration.

The Psychedelic Map for Change, or PMFC, aims to support the movement of heart-centred leaders and change catalysts. We want to reform capitalism as the lead domino for whole system transformation. At an individual level, every choice is rooted in a core belief, and many of our beliefs stem from childhood trauma and even inter-generational trauma. The Psychedelic Map For Change guides you to be fully responsible for all aspects of your life: yourself, your relationships, your work and contribution to organisations, your part in humanity, nature and the universe.

This a simplified version. Download the full map here: 

The PMFC is standing on the shoulders of giants is influenced by contemporaries like Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, Charles Eisenstein, Gabor Maté, Brené Brown, Fréderic Laloux, Nora Bateson, Adah Parris, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Richard Lang, Sam Harris, and others.

“Psychedelic Map for Change is such a well thought out program, and it works! It makes perfect sense to work on yourself before you can show up your best in relationships, and then to the world. Combining informative education, breathwork, group dialog and homework assignments allowed me to really go deep into inner work to shift my core beliefs. The Compassionate Inquiry session with Ruth helped to embody the lessons. Highly recommend!”

Glenda Sparrow, Psychedelic & Life Transformation Coach


Structure – overview and curriculum

We recommend that you create capacity of 4-5 hours per week to get most out of it. This is what to expect:

  • course modules are weekly on Wednesdays 5-7pm UK time via zoom (2 hours)
  • we are at hand for more support after the sessions for up to 30 minutes
  • we offer drop-in integration sessions on Thursdays from 6-7pm (1 hour)
  • we start every session with a quick check-in around our current energetic states and body scan
  • you will receive weekly: engaging and on point content, light homework, and prompts for further individual reflection via our closed Telegram Group (1-2 hours)
  • you are invited to share and engage with the group
  • you will be matched with a buddy for your dyad work in each session
  • we work with Miro Boards: whilst not essential to complete the course, we do recommend you set-up a free account
  • we haven't finally decided which parts we record, but definitively not anything you share in dyads or the group.
  • this is a camera-on course and the work on Miro is best done  on a laptop or desktop (not phone or tablet)

 --> Week 0: Onboarding

 --> Week 1: Orientation and Container Building

 --> Week 2: Breathing into Self

 --> Week 3: Breathing into your Relationships 

 --> Week 4: Breathing into your Work Life   

 --> Week 5: Breathing into Humanity, Earth and Cosmos

 --> Week 6: Sense-Making and Final Reflections


“Marcus, Ruth and team are curating rare magic in their innovative combination of modalities for growth. By combining the PMFC, Compassionate Enquiry, breathwork, Hawkins Scale and safe group sharing they have created powerful synergy to identify, explore and process challenges and measure gains with each session.”

Dr. Farzana Mohideen Botes, Psychiatrist


We offer three payment options to support people on a lower income. If you consider yourself to be a high-earner then paying an abundant option helps to subsidise places for people on lower incomes. We really appreciate your support.

If you feel strongly called to come but cannot afford the low income option, please get in touch and we can discuss a payment plan or bursary place to support you.


About your Facilitators

The universe put this quartet together through a series of synchronicities - and our first co-creation simply wanted to emerge. We have a vast array of skills, modalities and experiences in our collective toolkit. What unities us is our mindset and how we show-up: we are all doing ‘our work’ and know our shadows. We are also innovators and successful business owners in our respective fields. Hence, conceiving and creating this course felt like pure flow.


“Within the safe container of the Psychedelic Map for Change I was grateful to experience the unique combination of somatic breathwork, Compassionate Inquiry and deep, meaningful group connection. This unique alchemy of elements allowed for greater expansion and consciousness to manifest. Thank you for holding the space with devotion and grace.” 

Lauren Mugglebee, Coach. Inspiring Motivator. Storyteller.


Steven Ebbers – founder


Steven is all about connection…connection to yourself, to others and our environment. He loves helping people to question their reality and reconnect them to what he calls the Simple-Self. That part of you that knows exactly what it needs, how simple it may be. Whether that’s a good conversation with a good friend whilst walking through the woods , being creative, or a little dance.

When we reconnect to the Simple-Self we quickly realise how little we actually need and how we can let go of everything else that doesn't serve us. And that’s where the breath comes in…our breathing doesn’t lie. It connects us straight to what’s alive in us, whether that’s joy or stress. There’s no hiding when it comes to the breath. Which is why it is his favourite tool!

Steven uses all kinds of breathing modules depending on what you need; activating or relaxation techniques for shorter sessions or Conscious Connected Breathing for the more deep and intense sessions.

He has been doing Breathwork sessions on and off for about 7 years until he got fully qualified. Besides being a qualified breathwork facilitator he is also an ICF accredited coach, has a background in Psychology (MSc) and is a Firewalk Facilitator


Ruth Veda – founder 


Ruth is holistic massage therapist, Compassionate Inquirer (in her last month of mentorship) and facilitator of various online experiential group experience incl. self-massage and laughing therapy. She works with her clients helping them to be 100% responsible, this is where she has found we can change our story from victim to creator. Through body work and compassionate inquiry she holds a safe space of curiosity for you to explore and understand yourself.

On her journey from Paramedic to Massage Therapist and then to Compassionate Inquirer Ruth Veda have come to realise that taking care of the body & mind is essential as it really is the only place that you live. Ruth Veda is grateful to live in a lush forest in the UK with the love of her life: Marcus…


Marcus Antonius Druen – co-founder


Marcus is an amateur polymath. For the last 20 years he has optimised his knowledge and skills to play the success game: he (still) is a self-employed executive coach, facilitator, trainer and organisational development consultant who worked for Microsoft, Adobe, KPMG, Sanofi, EON Energy and Lidl as well as small firms like Future Energy Ventures, diffferent, Xempus, Business Fights Poverty, and Desolenator - the world's first sola-powered off-grid water desalination plant.

For the next 20 years he is shifting to play the impact game. Marcus is a bridge builder between the existing system and the new one that clearly wants to emerge. He senses that the intersection of psychedelics and web3/DAOs has the potential to co-elevate consciousness of business people, so that we can co-create the regenerative renaissance. He is a Third Wave Psychedelic Coach and hosts the podcast Leading Audacious Change.

He also embodies recovery and transformation…Assisted by psychedelics, therapy and many other modalities, he has healed significant childhood trauma, overcome mild PTSD from a near-drowning and severe shame from contracting a nasty STD, and freed himself from porn and weed addiction, busyness, and co-dependency.


Ana Badila – co-founder 



Ana is a microdosing coach for leaders who want to bring more JOY and ALIVENESS in their work and life. She has created ODIN, the first systematic microdosing journal for beginners. She is a ♡ Heart-centred Coach and Retreat Designer. Ana is a student of life, soul searcher and deep diver into layers of reality and consciousness. 

With a M.A. in Special Education and Psychology she has always been interested in how the human brain works and the connection between mind, body and spirit. She left her comfortable and steady growing career as a Special Needs Specialist, back in Romania, to go explore and live across the world, starting from zero in Canada! She thought she was looking for adventure when in fact she was looking for herself and the courage to be fully self-expressed. After nine years of soul searching, she found her North Star, her why: to inspire and empower those around her through presence and example. 

Ana found that psychedelics and play are a great combination to heal trauma, connect with herself and allow the Divine expression to pour through her, manifesting into this reality. She is a Third Wave Psychedelic Coach, guiding those who want to design a life that they love based on play, presence, and connection to be fully self-expressed.

Event Details

You’ll need to create a free zoom account which you can set up here:

Dates: six consecutive Wednesdays and four consecutive optional drop-in Thursdays starting 4th January 2023. 

  • Wednesday 11th January 2023, 5-7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 18th January 2023, 5-7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 25th January 2023, 5-7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 1st February 2023, 5-7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 8th February 2023, 5-7pm GMT
  • Wednesday 15th February 2023, 5-7pm GMT
  • Thursday 19th January 2023, 6-7pm GMT
  • Thursday 26th January 2023, 6-7pm GMT
  • Thursday 2nd February 2023, 6-7pm GMT
  • Thursday 9th February 2023, 6-7pm GMT

You will be able to choose the date and time of your 1:1 session with  Ruth from her calendar at the beginning of the course.


Detailed Curriculum

--> Week 0: Onboarding

You will be added to our closed Telegram Group a week before we formally start. There, you’ll find intro videos of all four facilitators and some light preparatory reading, listening, and watching. You will ponder on three big questions. These form the basis for your first dyad exchange and our collective Miro Board in Week 1.

 --> Week 1: Orientation and Container Building

The purpose of this orientation and introduction session is to:

  • co-create a safe space
  • explore the Psychedelic Map For Change and how it currently resonates with the participants of this group
  • for us to sign-post our joint journey ahead
  • meet your dyad partner
  • ask any questions to the team.

 --> Week 2 : Breathing into Self

From now on and for the next four breath work sessions on Wednesdays, the structure is:

  • work in dyads
  • brief Priming from us on the systemic realm in focus today
  • 40-50 minutes guided breath work with 10 quiet minutes to come down, come back and maybe journal
  • sharing in two sub-groups, to balance diversity and intimacy
  • the last part is optional, you don’t have to share or even participate, but might continue riding out the vibrations still lying down at home

From now on and for the next four drop-in integration sessions on Thursdays, the structure is:

  • high-level reflections in group (depending on attendance we can create two)
  • deep Dive for 1-2 people per session – in front of the group: this can either be more coaching style or relational therapy style; the latter is based on the approach of Dr. Gabor Mate, a leading called Compassionate Inquiry
  • if urgently needed, we can create space for 1 person to have an adhoc 1:1
  • we trust the wisdom of the cohort and your artful participation to know when your turn is to go deeper – remember this is entirely optional

The locus of attention this week is the first realm: Self. You will: 

  • formulate, explore and breath through your core beliefs about yourself, especially those that are self-limiting
  • connect them to predominant vibrational states on the Hawkins Scale

 --> Week 3: Breathing into your Relationships 

The locus of attention this week is the first realm: Relationships. You will:

  • name, explore and breath through a range of personal and professional relationships
  • locate which ones make you feel expanding vs. contracting
  • understand the patterns that you don’t like but co-create

 --> Week 4: Breathing into your Work Life   

The locus of attention this week is the is the third realm: Organisations – specifically the role(s) you play at work. You will:

  • continue exploring and breathing through your professional relationships
  • explore what parts of organisational life makes you feel expanding vs. contracting
  • state what you need to do your best work and assess your current reality against that

 --> Week 5: Breathing into Humanity, Earth and Cosmos

The locus of attention this week are the three outer realms: Humanity, Nature, Cosmos. You will:

  • explore and breath through your choices as consumer, citizen and human being, and their consequences
  • acknowledge the trade-offs you make every day
  • identify what meaningful and practical next steps you want to take to take more responsibility for all aspects of your life

 --> Week 6: Sense-Making and Acknowledgement

We bring it all together: how the six realms relate to another, how your vibrational states affect everything and how current trade-offs lead to the reality we experience and co-create.

You will also acknowledge the shifts you have started to make and we will gage whether this cohort was able to expand energetic states, even if ever so subtly.


Public Beta Launch: We have tested the efficacy, safety, group set-up, digital logistics and impact of this course with an alpha person (no pun intended) and then a private beta cohort of 10 participants whom we know well, in summer 2022. This was a big success as the glowing testimonials show. We are now offering this unique combination of modalities and practices at a discount for a public beta cohort in autumn 2022. What is new and thus untested is the TG Group and additional digital content. We intent to run several cohorts in 2023.

Room set-up: for the breathwork sessions you will need a space where you can lie down comfortably (bed, sofa, yoga mat) and - ideally - at the same time be visible via your device camera. The guiding is complemented by music and ideally you can play this out in your room on speakers. If not, ear phones are ok. This course really only works in terms of creating emotional safety, if everyone has their camera on at all times.

REFUNDS POLICY: Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage reselling on Ticketswap.

ACCESS:  We do our best to include everyone in our events, regardless of health circumstances. If you have access requirements please email the event organiser directly to discuss. 
Many facilitators are able to offer reduced ticket prices for those truly unable to afford the ticket price. If this is you, do please get in touch with the event organiser.

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