Medicine Festival | Huni Kuin Fundraiser & Song Circle

Hosted by Ecstatic Dance Bristol
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Medicine Festival

Huni Kuin Fundraiser & Song Circle

Wed 22 June | 17:00 - 22:30 (GMT +1)

The Mount Without, Bristol
+ Zoom Livestream


Songs from the Amazon Rainforest

w/ spiritual leaders from the Huni Kuin Tribe:

Txana Tuwe, Txana Yube & Biruani Siriani



Natty, Aleh Ferreira, Adrian Freedman,

Sivani Mata, Michael Stanton,

Chris Park, George & Moshe, OSARA,

Chantelle Blackwood & Journey2the1


Embodiment | Ceremony

Songs from the Amazon Rainforest

Live Music | Kirtan | Sound Bath

Elixir Bar | Organic Café

Huni Kuin Arts & Craft Stalls



The Huni Kuin people inhabit mostly Brazilian lands in the tropical Amazon, in the state of Acre. They've had relatively late contact with the Western world. After decades of persecution and adversity, they have managed to survive and uphold their ancient traditions and deep connection to nature. 

The Huni Kuin are an ancient tribe who have been working with their sacred medicines for millennia. These medicines link them to the spirits of the forest. It enables them to experience a harmonious relationship with the elements of nature - fundamental for the maintenance of their health and spirituality among their community. It is this experience they wish to share with humanity.

They are living in a time of great importance where their mission is to create awareness of their existence and the reality of the threat to the Amazon Rainforest. It is with this awareness and alliance with the Western world that together we can stand in solidarity with the forest and the people, to help preserve and protect Mother Earth, her elements, the sacred traditions and medicines for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

FUNDRAISER PROJECT | New Maloka Ceremony Space

The recent flooding that hit their region damaged many areas of one of the Huni Kuin villages, Novo Futuro. They have been forced to move and rebuild on higher ground. One of the main buildings they need to relocate and rebuild is the Maloka ceremony space. All profits from this fundraiser event will be be used to support them with this project.


HUNI KUIN | Ancient Songs & Chants from the Amazon Rainforest

TXANA TUWE | Huni Kuin

TXANA TUWE is a spiritual leader (Pajé) from the Novo Futuro Village, located along the Humaitá River deep in the Amazon Rainforest. He works in his village along with Ninawá Pai da Mata, guiding the spiritual works and cultural activities in the community. He began his spiritual studies at a young age and has spent time dieting with sacred plants in isolation in the forest, as well as studying spiritual traditions with elders. Txana Tuwe carries a deep knowledge from his ancestors on the sacred chants of Nixi Pae, the studies of the medicinal plants and the healing work from the Huni Kuin traditions.

TXANA YUBE | Huni Kuin

TXANA YUBE is the son of Chief Shane Huni Kuin and Seva Yawanawá, brother of Samia Biruani and Txana Tuwe. Like his brother, he has been following the spiritual traditions and practices of his ancestors from a young age, studying and doing dietas in the forest. He is one of the members of the cultural and txanás (singers) group, the Kayawei Group. This will be his second time he has travelled outside of Brazil to share his beautiful songs representing the Eskawatà Kayawei group from his village.


BIRUANI SIRIANI is one of the co-ordinators and leaders of the women's cultural group Siriani, which together with the Huni Kuin women and youths of the village, are cultivating beautiful and important work, strengthening the spirituality and culture for the feminine force. Together they are committed to practicing their sacred rituals, continue to deepen their studies of the medicinal plants, traditional knowledge, healing chants and prayers.

NATTY | Live Music (Zoom Livestream)

NATTY is a singer, songwriter and musician who grew up with David Bowie and Pink Floyd records in the house along with LPs from Bob Marley and other reggae artists who represented his family’s Jamaican roots. Natty's easy-going sound and socially conscious lyrics draw comparisons to Ben Harper and Tarrus Riley while his genre-blending crossover potential can be likened to Finley Quaye. 

ALEH FERREIRA | Afro-Brazilian Music

Brazilian singer-songwriter ALEH FERREIRA's music originates in the crib of Afro-Brazilian culture. Son of a priestess of Umbanda, his musical inspiration comes from the drums and melodies of the “terreiro” (the Umbanda centre) that gave birth to Samba and influenced modern music. His warm, distinctive voice, samba-funk fusion grooves and lyrics that celebrate Afro-Brazilian heritage have earned him a career spanning three decades across the globe. Aleh is one of the most prominent contemporary musical figures of Musica Popular Brasileira (Brazilian Popular Music) in the diaspora.

ADRIAN FREEDMAN | Medicine Songs (Zoom Livestream)

ADRIAN FREEDMAN is a master musician and a multi-instrumentalist specialising in the shakuhachi Zen flute. His music is heartfelt and conjures an atmosphere of peace, spaciousness and delicate beauty. He lived in Brazil where he became immersed in the sacred music rituals of the Amazon Rainforest. Arising from his journey, Adrian has also received a collection of more than 150 original medicine songs and chants.


SIVANI MATA is a student of Bhakti Yoga and shares Kirtan (music as medicine using healing mantra), Women’s Circles and Yoga Nidra. She believes in the process of deep inner work as a way to cultivate a harmonic relationship with the Earth and she feels that these practices path the way to building the relationship of self love and acceptance.

MICHAEL STANTON | Medicine Songs & Music

Inspired by love for nature and ancestral wisdom, MICHAEL STANTON's soulful music offers a sincere voice to the heart of the world. A sound reminiscent of the folk traditions of ancient Europe, Brazil, Native America, Zimbabwe and West Africa; a sound to remind us we are all connected in the great mystery of life. 

CHRIS PARK | Opening Ceremony & Prayer

CHRIS PARK's work is wide and varied, from arts and crafts, ancient technologies to eco-building, storytelling, folk music, and raising the awareness of the heritage of beekeeping. He is a practicing Druid of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, being immersed and versed in the folklore and spiritual traditions rooted within these honeyed isles.

GEORGE & MOSHE | Medicine Songs & Music

GEORGE BARKER and MOSHE HALPERIN are co-founders and council members of Medicine Festival.

Moshe has been singing songs and prayers learned from medicine musicians and indigenous leaders for many years. He initiated the first singing circles in London, gathering a community that became a seed for Medicine Festival. Moshe, together with Katy Prado formed the medicine music project Ora Dea.

OSARA | Embodiment

Father, visionary and founder of Ecstatic Dance Bristol. Honouring the rich musical heritage of Bristol and the WISE isles; and the rich diversity of music that can be found around the world, OSARA creates deep, powerful and transformative dance journeys that are ever evolving and responding to the spirit of time, community and place.


CHANTELLE BLACKWOOD is a lover of expression, creativity and diving deep within. She is an advocate for growth and connecting with spirit, allowing her to open to divinity and use her voice as a tool for healing. She is passionate about learning from the tribes and wisdom keepers of our planet.

JOURNEY2THE1 | Sound Bath

JOURNEY2THE1 is a Bristol based collective, led by Kyle Medford-Hawkins, that run regular community events, workshops and their own festival. The collective stems from multicultural roots, drawing on many different lineages and heritages. They specialise in holding immersive sound journeys to facilitate deep states of reflection and connection with the subtle realms of consciousness.

BIO CHI ELIXIR BAR | Cacao, Kombucha & More

  • Cacao elixir, kombucha & other refreshments


  • Hot food & savoury snacks
  • Raw deserts & treats


Schedule | 17:00 - 22:30 (GMT +1)

Please give yourself enough time to find somewhere to park and to find venue.

17:00 Doors Open

18:00 Opening Circle & Embodiment | OSARA

18:30 Opening Ceremony | GEORGE, MOSHE & HUNI KUIN


19:40 ADRIAN FREEDMAN (Zoom Livestream)




21:00 NATTY (Zoom Livestream)



22:00 Sound Bath | JOURNEY2THE1

22:15 Closing Ceremony | HUNI KUIN

22:30 Complete

Venue & Parking

The Mount Without, Upper Church Lane, Bristol, BS2 8FN

Nearest Car Park:

What to Bring

  • water & water bottle
  • your own cup for the Bar
  • dress in layers
  • a cushion / sheepskin to sit on for the Song Circle
  • something to lie on for the Sound Bath
  • cash / card for the Café, Bar & Stalls

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