Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Breathwork Journey

breathwork empowerment embodied healing intimacy identity and connection active meditation conscious connected breathwork self mastery ceremony and ritual altered states
Hosted by Limitless Living
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Join us for an evening of community, connection, and co-regulation.

We will be embarking on a shamanic journey of death and rebirth to celebrate and embody these traits of Scorpio. 

This evening session will be an opportunity to delve deep into the Self; to meet oneself with true intimacy in a place where we can access our soul resources for greater resilience during this time of individual and collective alchemical transformation. 

Expect ceremonial intention setting, activation, meditation, and group breathwork following a specific breathing pattern to meet the wisdom of the body.

Reclaiming, reframing, and rewilding our bodies and minds starts with the breath - just as the fascia connects the physical body, the breath is the mycelium that connects all beings: human and non-human, micro and macro, including the Earth and the Sky themselves. Connection to the breath is connection to the tiniest atom, as well as to the entire cosmos.

Ceremonial Colours: 
Maroon & Black

Further information provided 
upon sign up.

When we connect to the wisdom of the physical and energetic body during ceremony, magic arises...

Acceptance, Transformation, Integration.

Trust the Breath, Trust Yourself.

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