Talking the Taboo: this is not like other talking circles

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“There is no house like the house of belonging” - David Whyte

"Talking the Taboo" is about connection, vulnerability, and the weaving together of a community that prioritizes BRAVING it and  giving ourselves permission to be raw. It's about integrating our emotions and exploring deep themes.

This is not like other talking circles.


It is an invitation for all genders, gender fluid folk, all ages, colours, communities to come together regularly to create a more diverse support network. It's an invitation to be held in a loving community, to share what feels real  for you, to create a supportive practice through regular circles. We will be sharing, but we will also be exploring rituals, energetic practices, movement and sound, as well as using a very practical, tangible therapeutic tool- EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

We will integrate any deep dives with equal attention to praise, connection and celebration. Through vulnerable shares we create intimacy, we create a sense of belonging rooted in wholeness.

Your sorrows and your joys are celebrated in equal measure here, and there is a conscious effort to bring balance and care to both.

Every circle will be a collaboration, every circle will be different.

"Emotional well-being and community are intrinsically linked. Part of the suffering I see in our culture and want to speak to is that we are so often alone with our experiences, or we have internalized it with feelings of shame, confusion, fear. As soon as we hear other people in their pain we can recognize ourselves in the other. By sharing and being witnessed, we give permission to the other to be held, and we allow that for ourselves. The whole of us wants to be held and accepted, not exiled and stigmatized. Our culture needs that kind of belonging and connection to other humans more than ever. " (Dominique Antonina)

Facilitator Dominique Antonina is a qualified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, Grief Tending and Transformational Life coaching. She works for Psycare UK and Kosmicare doing psychedelic welfare and harm reduction and has held space for people in their shadow on psychedelics and in group spaces. She works intuitively weaving these practices together and works with the mood, needs and inquiry of the group. 

Some feedback from past workshops:

 "Psychedelics and the Shadow"

★★★★★ Curtis Avent on Psychedelics and the Shadow

"Best thing I have done in such a long time." 

★★★★★ Rachael Kelly on Healing the Family Shadow

"Dom was such a great facilitator for this workshop, her energy is so great and she held the space very well. She was super understanding of everyone's needs and felt into the situations to see if anyone needed extra support or attention at any time, there was no pressure for anyone to do anything they weren't comfortable with but we all showed up with honesty and vulnerability, I felt very supported. The EFT was my favourite part of the day, it was super powerful and the statements used were specific but also resonated massively among the group. I would definitely attend another one of her workshops and even considering having some EFT sessions separately too." 


★★★★★ Luke Brinsford  on Psychedelics and the Shadow

"Really well held by the facilitator, who managed to weave together discussion and reflection, alongside embodied and relational exploration between participants. There was enough containment to be able to touch in to what it is a really wild area."  

★★★★ Beth Wilson on Psychedelics and the Shadow, a deep dive

"I was allured to this deep dive, shadow self workshop, having not reflected on my own shadow self much at all. Dominique's ability to hold the space and support the group was invaluable, directing the flow of the group who obviously had a whole spectrum of shadow self insights. The workshop featured both playfulness and some really raw sharing, both beautiful in their own way. Would recommend this to anyone no matter what stage of their shadow self journey they are at."

★★★★ David Phelan on 1-1 therapy sessions

"Dominique is a deeply empathetic person who provides a non-judgemental space for me to explore lingering difficult emotions...her creative and intuitive approach is exactly the companion I needed for the journey I was on."






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