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Welcome home.

🔥 Thanks to some generous sugar mommas and sugar daddies who got ultra-deluxe shmickets, financial aid is still available.

Somewhere is a financially inclusive co-creation. Receive up to €120 in subsidy! Need-based, apply here. 


If you live in Portugal or Galicia, email us at with proof of residency to receive a half-off (€90) local code <3.

🏠 The Website!

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🐷 Somewhere Financial Aid Application

💩 The Facebook Group

💡Art Grants!!! [Still Open]

❓ FAQs

💡 Why

Nowhere’s too dusty.

🧲 What

A non-commercial, radically participatory gathering.

Somewhere only happens if we make it happen!

As an experiment, the grounds and this gathering are free of alcohol 🥂, smoking 🚬, glitter ✨ (including biodegradable glitter,) and fireworks. 🖤

⏳ When

1️⃣ BUILD Thursday, June 16th

Build team only — you must ask for an early entry pass.

2️⃣ GATE OPENS - WELCOME - Monday, June 20th - Gate Opens

3️⃣ STRIKE - Sunday, June 26 - Last Day of Somewhere EXODUS - Monday, June 27th - Be Gone!

📍 Where

An enchanted site in the far north with established forest garden and private lake. 45 minutes north of Porto Airport, or 3.5 hours from Lisbon.

The nearest train/bus station is Viana do Castelo!

Location will be sent in your ticket confirmation email! 

💩 Toilets

We provide all the poopey things. Toilet paper + flushing toilets. Yay!

We do not provide showers.

💦 Waters

There is potable water flowing on site, but we can't guarantee that it will be enough for everyone or that the quality will be the best. It’s a burn. Plan to bring your own water for drinking.

🌻 Weather

Expect sun and clouds with a chance of rain. Warm clothes for night. Sometimes when it rains here, it absolutely pours.

🏕️ Packing List

Toilet paper for the toilets is provided!

Apart from that, please practice self-reliance.

Please don’t bring alcohol, anything smokeable, camp fires, or glitter 🙏

Camping is in the forest and there is ample shade. Arrive early for the flattest and most shaded spots 🪨

  • All the food and snacks you’ll need to eat!
  • Everything you need to cook for yourself.
  • Everything you need to sleep comfortably!
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Soft things to sleep on
  • Head Lamp
  • A good hat for rain & sun
  • Warm & cozy clothes for night time
  • Wool socks
  • Sandals or crocs
  • A rain jacket or umbrella (just in case)
  • Boots
  • Ear plugs
  • Sunscreen
  • Minimum 10°C Sleeping Bag, or supplementary blankets
  • Water Bottle (stay hydrated!)
  • Whatever other shit you need.

🗂️ Transparency

Somewhere is committed to transparency and will publicly publish our income and expenditures.

This is a non-commercial, donation and volunteer driven, fully participatory gathering organised by the Portuguese non-profit cultural association: GARDEN, ASSOCIAÇÃO PARA DESENVOLVIMENTO TECNOLÓGICO E CULTURAL.

🔍 Internet & Phone

There is cell network of varying speeds throughout the site. You should be able to get an SMS, basic call, or email out at the least.

🔥 Absolutely No Fire

No fires allowed. It's dry season in a verdant forest, fires are prohibited during this time and we don't want police knocking at the gate or to burn down the mountainside.

No candles or campfires, but gas cook stoves as are permitted!

💰 Shmickets & Refunds

Financial Aid: €60, €90, €120 — Apply here

Local Pricing: €90 - All Portugal, Galicia

Early Bird: €120 General Admission: €180

Cancellation & Refunds

If Somewhere is cancelled, which it won’t be, you will be fully refunded, minus a 5% fixed payment processing fee.

Otherwise, shmickets are non-refundable. However, you may transfer your shmicket. Please email us at if you wish to transfer your schmicket

If you attempt to sell or sell your shmicket for more than the cost which you paid, you will receive a lifetime ban from Somewhere </3

🦠 The Coronavirus Endemic

We reserve the right to rapid antigen test all attendees on arrival.

If you test positive, you'll be given two more tests. If either of those is positive, it is assumed that you are positive for covid and you will be asked to go away. You will be refunded fully for your ticket and vehicle pass. Please understand that there is risk associated with attending an event such as this! Consider taking precautions such as good sleep, mRNA vaccination, diet, unproven supplements, exercise, being young, having had covid a bunch of times already, maintaining a positive outlook on life, etc.

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🐓 Early Bird  🐓 €120 Sold out
Get the worm 🪱!
🔥 General Admission 🔥 €180
1 left
Get this when we're all out of worms. This is one normal pass to Somewhere
🍬 Sugar Momma / Sugar Daddy €360
2 left
This comes with no special benefits, other than allowing us to make the event as financially inclusive as possible. If you have a little extra in the bank, we invite you to select this tier.
🍭Organic Sugar Momma / Sugar Daddy 🍭 €600 Sold out
This comes with no special benefits, other than allowing us to make the event as financially inclusive as possible. If you have a lot extra in the bank, we invite you to select this tier.
📍Local📍 €90
3 left
ONLY for residents of Galicia and Portugal - email us at with subject, 'Local' with proof of residency prior to purchase. If you buy one of these and you aren't a local, your shmicket will NOT be valid.
Shmicket for Humans Age 3-17 €50
Humans under 18 must be accompanied by someone charming. Humans 0-2 admitted for free!
Parking Pass €40
All cars require a parking pass. Capacity is limited! Update: General parking is now all on-site. THERE IS NO OFF-SITE PARKING! The parking is mostly shaded in a grove of chestnut trees, and on a slope.
Camper Van Parking Pass €100 Sold out
All camper vans require parking pass. Capacity is limited. Flat, shaded spots available. No water, power, or sewage hook-ups. It's a burn, leave no trace and be self-reliant. Capacity is very limited.
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