Power Play - Submission and Domination Reframed

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Roisin and Molly have a simple trauma-informed approach to exploring embodied erotic power. In taking this workshop you will learn incremental steps, leading you towards a transformational experience of shared erotic power, your power in collaboration with another. 

Playing with Submissive and Dominant states of attention can be deeply satisfying, extremely pleasurable and incredibly touching: it brings us achingly close to ourselves and the other we are playing with. We begin with foundations, you will learn to acknowledge and befriend your experience and speak this out within a pair. 

From the outset, we will begin to illuminate and bring into awareness the status play that is naturally happening, through the simple framing of ‘in’ and ‘out’ states of attention. Together we build strength and allow our beauty to emerge from there. Learn in a fun, relaxed and experimental environment the building blocks of the sub/dom dynamic, gain an embodied experience of what the states of submission and domination feel like in your body. Maybe you have always wanted to know what it would mean to be in a Domme role, but never had the tools to take that position with confidence and integrity. Or perhaps you would like support in exploring what Submission could be for you, how you might access this pleasurable experience, whilst feeling safe and powerful. 

We emphasise pleasure over performance and help you to relax into authenticity with this exploration. The stripped back nature and gentle pace of our work, lets your nervous system explore the reaches of internal and external awareness allows us to drop into and experience the true pleasure of both states. 

One of our dear teachers Leticia Nieto describes power as anything that lets us move from our genuine centre, in this workshop we work to recognise your core power and use that power to play with status. There is nothing intrinsically wrong about being in a ‘high’ or ‘low’ (dominant/submissive) status position. Both positions have the potential to be useful, pleasurable and pleasing there is also the potential for destruction. In bringing our awareness more fully on the dynamic in its constructive form we look for insights into the destructive possibilities. 

We like to think of this work as a safe and fertile ground to expand your experience of sensation; and these are real exercises that can elicit true emotional responses. We will put in place a container that will hold you and us safely, if you would like to join and have some questions about this being right for you at this time then please contact us to discuss anything. We ask people to come in a pair with a person that they are happy to work with, someone you trust to explore with, a friend, lover, partner etc. If this is not where you are at please get in touch and lets see what we can do. This workshop is not explicitly sexual; however, you may find yourself playing with erotic energy and status. The exercises will be fully clothed, you will not be required to give or receive touch. We also include an awareness of how oppressive conditioning affects the process of playing with status. 

There are two dates, ~ Friday 20th May and Friday 3rd June. Booking for both events will give you a deeper understanding of the material and a greater chance to explore the nuances of the work. 


About your Facilitators


Roisin Green 


Roisin works at depth in a gentle, simple and to the point manner. Through ongoing mentorship with private teacher and coach Elle Rosenthal for three years, she has learned the delicate dance of cultivating psychological and spiritual power simultaneously. In working with Roisin, you will learn to be precise, slow down become deeply compassionate as you build your temple of awareness and gain the capacity to hold yourself in your experience. Roisin has facilitated retreats, workshops and on-to-one sessions of the embodied sub/dom syllabus, she created with Molly. Through Roisin’s own transformational experiences of embodying this work she has come to know fully the pay offs of this autonomous empowerment. Her understanding and care of this subject reaches into her work with Domestic Violence Survivors, where is brings her attention to situations where the status dynamic has moved into destruction. In 2022 Roisin began the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy and is happy for this training to be further underpinning her dedication to rigour and safety in this field. 

Molly J Spokes 


Molly J Spokes wants to feel life intimately, and she trusts our human nature to show us. She is a Somatic Sex Coach & Sexological Bodyworker devoted to creating environments where people can make embodied choices about their needs & desires. She has worked with young people who have experienced sexual abuse, and alongside people with disabilities & mental health trauma to activate personal leadership & power. She has been on her own path of agency to trust her body & nervous system reponses, and seeks to deepen the power of acting consciously & sponteonously from felt intuition. Her approach works to build a resilient nervous system, find your boundaries & trust them, and expand into your limitless capacity for pleasure. Molly has hosted retreats, workshops and offers one-to-one & couple sessions. Her drive to explore the extreme edges of this work has led her into a prison setting, where she works with people who have committed acts of sexual exploitation and abuse, who often been victims of sexual coercion themselves. Ultimately, she believes that through the act of feeling more together, in-relationship and in-community, we can be held accountable to our own potential and take responsibility in creating our world.



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