The Unseen World: A night of medicine music with Ora Dea

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'Medicine music' - the sacred mantras and melodies developed alongside and inspired by psychedelic plant medicine work are a powerful force for connecting us to the spiritual realm- and to one another.

We are thrilled to be hosting an evening dedicated to this art with Ora Dea - the incredible collaborative duo headlining this year's Medicine Festival and inspired by the sacred icaros and mantras of healers around the world. 

This night will celebrate the launch of their new single, Condor, with remixes by world-renowned DJ Satori, UK sensation Psychemagik, and Sam Morris/Phil Bloomberg.

With artists from Chile, Mexico and all over Europe, join us for two live musical performances, a sacred singing circle, stunning visual art show, and a bonding ecstatic dance to help us explore the power of this music for opening other worlds.

The ‘unseen world’ - the inspiration for Condor - describes the non-material world of beauty, of great potential, where the spirit workers reign. And also where that world connects with our own. Ora Dea celebrates the portal between these worlds, where the lines blur, allowing us to be in communication with the unseen world, connecting us to wisdom, healing, and medicine for our own guidance and for the better living of all.

Flow of the evening

Setting the scene with Terra Cosmica

The evening will open to the beautiful sounds of Terra Cosmica, a female and male duet originally from Spain and Mexico, that both work on Mayan and world tribe's traditions of ritual, chants and rhythms. 

They will begin with a gentle meditation to introduce the story of "The Unseen World - El Mundo Invisible", followed by a Mayan and North Japanese sacred chant, bringing gentle rhythms of trance to create an intimate ceremonial space to open for Ora Dea.

Live concert by Ora Dea and visual art display

Ora Dea's latest song that tells the story of The Eagle & The Condor – an ancient Amazonian story of how human societies split into two different paths—that of the Eagle and that of the Condor. The path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition, and of the feminine. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, and of the masculine. The prophecy says when the eagle of North America and advanced countries and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken. After 500 years of colonisation, Indigenous elders believe that this union has begun.

Oea Dea's lyrics are inspired by the native wisdom of South America bridging a beautiful exchange with Europe and the UK – accompanied by a beautiful and immersive moving image piece immersive moving image piece by renowned photographer Mirella Ricciardi and Bolivian visual artist Pompe ya.

The show goes beyond simple storytelling to connect and re -join with our spirits and our ancestors in a ceremonial celebration meeting the ancient and the new world. 

Singing circle

After their performance, Ora Dea and George Barker will lead the audience in one of their transporting singing circles. These singing circles feature a few easy-to-join-in medicine songs that connect the audience with the 5 elements (air, earth, fire, water, heart) and use healing frequencies to bring a feeling of wellbeing and release. They teach songs in Portuguese, Spanish, English and native languages, to promote wellbeing for all ages and backgrounds. The aim is to remember, reconnect and stimulate a balanced body, mind and soul – so that they all work in harmony.

DJ set + dance

Following the live concert and singing circle, the audience is invited to release into dance with live guest DJ sets from Movement Medicine magician Mira Khanya.

Ora Dea singing circle at Medicine Festival 2021



Ora Dea

Formed in a mystic forest in Great Elm, Somerset England in 2020, Ora Dea is a cinematic musical project that embraces the unity of man and woman. The music sees the voices of Katy Prado and Moshe Halperin duet seamlessly – their pure, warm tones bringing a sense of peace and healing to the heart. Ora Dea translates literally as ‘light goddess, golden woman’, and their original medicine songs connect body, mind and spirit – to help bring alignment to ground and soothe the listener. 

This event kicks off their 2022 tour which will continue through the summer at Noisily Festival UK, Medicine Festival UK,  Exit Festival Serbia, Six Senses Ibiza, and retreats and private gatherings in Ibiza and across Europe. 

Katy Prado

Katy Prado is a trained opera singer from Chile, raised in Quito, Ecuador. She started to sing at a young age in the Amazon, imitating the songs of the birds. She cites her greatest inspiration as her Father, a prolific lawyer and politician who in the 70s passed laws to protect the sacred land of the Mapuche tribe in Patagonia. He successfully defended the Kalawayas in Bolivia and Amazonia Los Hermanos Villas-Boas, securing their rights and legacy as recognised healers and activists. 

At nineteen, Katy moved to the US to start her international studies in opera, and in 2003 was offered a place at The Guildhall School of Music. This was the perfect platform from where to represent her country and share the spirit of South America, as she toured and performed live at most of the UK and European festivals.

 Following this, she enjoyed successful residencies with her band, at all the leading members clubs of London, singing with Shakespeare’s Sister, Jeff Beck, Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Phil Manzanera, and Jose Maria Cano. Never afraid to push boundaries, Katy has recently been exploring collaborations with several leading electronic DJs, including Luciano from Cadenza, Dj Satori from the Netherlands, and Psychemagik. She is currently writing her album with Moshe Halperin in several languages including Mapudungun, the native language of Chile.

Moshe Halperin

Moshe Halperin has been singing songs and prayers learned from medicine musicians and Indigenous leaders for many years and  initiated the first singing circles in London, gathering  a community that became a seed for  the Medicine Festival in the UK. Moshe has worked alongside Boy George and Robbie Williams, and has a deep love for song writing and beautiful guitar playing, releasing  his album “ Golden Heart”  in April 2022. Moshe will publish his debut book ‘The Book of Truth’ in 2022.

Mira Khanya

Mira Khanya has a deeply rooted and embodied understanding of the transformative and healing power of movement. Creativity and commitment to her own inner-work and wholeness have always been central in her life. From an early age she explored visual and performing arts which led her to a BA (Hons) Drama degree, focusing on Physical Theatre. She expanded her experience of embodied transformation through meditation, shamanic journeys, yoga, 5Rhythms, butoh, breath-work, embodied listening and contact improvisation. 

Mira’s calling to support healthy self-expression inspired her to develop a unique creative approach to working with individuals on the autistic spectrum. But dance had her heart, and movement is her medicine. An apprenticeship and professional training with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan - founders of the School of Movement Medicine - followed. Today the rich tapestry of her experience as a dancer, therapist and artist is woven into her work. She offers beautifully crafted immersive and transformative dance meditations - activating the embodied imagination through a weaving of words, tribal rhythms, nature sounds and medicine songs.

Terra Cosmica

Api Ascaso, originally from Spain, started to play music from the age of 4. Fully trained as a classical pianist, Api also sings and writes songs, exploring different musical styles such as, Spanish folk, Afro-Latin music, African and Persian rhythms, Hindustani melodies, Afrobeat, jazz and folk, resulted in creating several fusion projects in Spain as well as the UK where she resides. 

Api´s musical exploration flows into the mysteries of self-discovery and healing, offering a sound landscape that inspires audience to breathe, connect and celebrate life. She also offers music workshops called “Music Under One Moon” that connect to the healing properties of the voice and rhythm. Lastly, Api explores ritual and ceremonial music with the new mesmerising project called Terra Cosmica, with Nahua artist Ruben VucubcameY'onton from Mexico, a fun magical collaboration. 

Rubén Vucubcame Yon’ton, a Nahua Indigenous Mesoamerican Ritual Artist originally from Mexico;  explores the interconnection between dance, music, drama and visual art. He believes each person potentiates their own medicine by unlocking resonance points and letting our unique true nature to flow towards unification with the  consciousness. The Origin in the Heart is the essential start point. In his project called “Origin Te Yon’ton” – “Origin of the Heart”, Rubén has developed a series of workshops that include: “Frequency&Vibration”, “Ritual Drum Rhythm” and “Drum Birthing”, drum-making workshop inspired by the Huehuetl (grandfather drum) and the Chimalli (Battel Shield). These workshops  are designed to amplify our vibration and discover a space that goes beyond entertainment, allowing self-discovery and healing.

Mirella Ricciardi

With a career spanning over 65 years and many continents, Mirella Ricciardi is a creative force celebrated for capturing the people, wildlife and landscapes she encountered on her travels, and recognised for creating a fascinating record of east African tribal life, which led to the acclaimed book Vanishing Africa, Vanishing Amazon, African Rainbow and most recently, African Visions. The exhibition. Mirella Ricciardi was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya, to an Italian father and a French mother, and travelled extensively throughout Africa. She studied and mastered photography under the guidance of the great French photographer, Harry Meerson, for whom she worked as an assistant in Paris. She then moved to work in New York, where she met fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld, who suggested she go out into the field and start to hone her craft. She resided locally in East Sussex surrounded by her archives but recently returned to London where she is currently working with her daughter Amina (who is also director of the archive).

Grand Junction is a breathtaking space, perfect for evening of medicine music. 

Join us there on Friday May 27th 2022,  7pm - 11 pm

Rowington Close, London W2 5TF






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