Doors of Perception: Four Week Online Course

  • Mon 4th Apr 2022, 7pm – Mon 25th Apr 2022, 9:30pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Adventures in Awareness
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"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is...infinite!"

The psychedelic experience dramatically transforms the perception of self and reality in ways that are strikingly similar to the poetic proclamations of long term meditators, mystics and masters of magic. 

These four weeks will immerse you in mind games and mini-meditations from both ancient traditions and recent scientific enquiry. These methods are known to produce profound shifts in consciousness and the way you experience the world.

★★★★★ "I found the theory behind the practice mind-blowing and fantastic! The group of people was amazing, and full of connection and empathy." - Ema

Each week you will be deepen into techniques and thought-journeys that can become tools for a lifetime. In a mixture of group discussion, paired exercises and shared discovery you will find ways to expand your mind and heighten your sensitivity. Everyone has a different experience, but what is commonly reported includes:

  • Sense of flow, synchronicity and wonder for life
  • Deeper appreciation for the present moment and expanded sense of peace and joy
  • Heightened sensitivity to the sublime beauty of the miraculous and mundane
  • Insights into the nature of self and luminescence of reality

If you've ever wanted to learn to meditate, or discover powerful tools for shifting experience, now is your chance. You'll get to know a small group of equally curious adventurers as we delve into:

1. The Heart of Awareness
2. The Empty Knowing Space Between
3. Mind Games for Modern Mystics
4. Noting your way to Nothing
5. The Dream with No Dreamer
6. The Ever Present Transcendence 

This unique cocktail of techniques drawing on perspectives from adviata vendanta, mahamudra, Burmese Noting, Open Focus, positive psychology and more.

The course includes optional practise sessions, videos and audio guided meditations to use at your own pace.   

★★★★★  "Hands down, one of the richest, most rewarding courses I've attended. Brilliant facilitation." Jen Allanson

★★★★★ "Maybe the most psychedelic workshop I've been to at the Psychedelic Society! Woke up the next day with a new way to perceive this weird and wonderful human experience."

★★★★★ "Can’t really explain it in words so GO AND EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF."



About the Facilitator

Amir runs several popular events exploring the nature of reality, perception and consciousness, drawing on the non-dual to the non-sequitur. He regularly facilitates meditation sessions at the Psychedelic Society, and is an avid practitioner enquiry techniques inspired by non-dual and wisdom traditions from around the globe, as well as scientific studies that give validity to these experiences. He is trained as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Vortex Healing. He has a background as performer, movement coach and facilitator in work spanning cinema, TV, stage and festival.

"Amir had a beautiful facilitation style that created a really safe space and edged us all closer and closer to the edges of our existence to help us explore our connection and understanding of them more."


★★★★★ The glimpses of what I experienced were revelatory. I felt very supported in the fellowship and in the experience and compassion showed by Amir. The Psychedelic society is much needed. Thank you” - Erika

★★★★★ Amir created such a friendly, open atmosphere and guided us to explore lots of fascinating states of mind. He also has a good balance between facilitating but not being too dominant; it felt like a shared journey. Lovely bunch of people and it was also nice seeing the same people every week. Can't wait for further courses like this.” - Alice

★★★★★ It certainly opened doors to me and I really enjoyed many of the exercises and subjects. The group discussion and Amir's knowledge and leadership of the course was first class. The emails and content sent for each week were great and really insightful, also the social media communication and sharing and the Thursday night follow ups were excellent and appreciated. It's definitely something I would consider repeating in the future, because with all these courses they are easy to forget and require on-going attention.” - Robert

★★★★★ Hugely enjoyed this course… I was impressed by how well organised the Zoom sessions were compared with many I've attended in more 'professional' settings (credit is due to Amir for being the only host of such an event who was able to actually use breakout rooms successfully!). The course topics and exercises were fascinating, the delivery was good natured and engaging, and it covered a huge amount of ground in a short space of time.” - Abi

★★★★★ Great, deep stuff. Amir was a great facilitator and the space was peaceful and inclusive. I'll definitely come back” - Rupert

★★★★★ Another stimulating and really well constructed course - thank you Amir! I am so grateful to have come to these practices this way, and to have had the chance to begin learning them amongst and from such lovely and supportive people” - Melanie

★★★★★ This was a beautiful, beautiful event. It was peaceful and liberating, although surely some people might have felt other emotions. I appreciated a lot the fact that aside from nice words and a space, we were actually taught techniques and discussed them. Amir is a wonderful presence. Recommended!” - Giuseppe


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The course includes optional practice sessions, dates to be determined.

As a series of live participatory workshops the course is not recorded.  

Dates and Times: Every Monday in April! 
7pm to 9.30pm London, UK time

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