Psychedelics, Easter & The Underworld with Darren Le Baron

  • Tue 12th Apr 2022, 7pm – 9:30pm UK time (UTC +01:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
Activity Psychedelic Culture & History
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Genesthai means "to come into being." Thus, an entheogen is a psychedelic drug that causes one to become inspired or to experience the god/ divine within, often in a religious or "spiritual" manner. 

In this talk Darren Le Baron will explore ancient mythologies that connect the human psychedelic experience, the mythical Underworld and the ancient history of the Easter ritual and ceremony. He will take you on a historical journey and look at the origins of these practices in ancient Africa, Mesopotamia and Europe and how they have became coded in several mythological and psychedelic rites of passages throughout the ancient indigenous world.

Presenter and chair at the psychedelic conference 'Breaking Convention' London, the 'Detroit Entheogenic Conference' and numerous consciousness gatherings around the UK, Darren is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is passionate about sharing his research on African entheogenic plants and their various applications.

Darren Springer

Darren is a grass-roots researcher and event organiser based in London, the Director of Ancient Future, the Convenor of the Psychedelia Railway Gatherings and curator at Earth Tone Arts and is running Shroomshops at The Psychedelic Society. After setting up Ancient Future in 2006, a voluntary organisation, he has continued to develop workshops and projects geared around creative arts, personal-development and African-Caribbean spiritual systems in his community. Collectively his work aims to inform and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to cope with social challenges and contribute to community development as well as self-improvement in an innovative, creative, culturally-aware style.

He has presented at the Breaking Convention in London, the Detroit Entheogenic Conference, Ozora in Hungary, Altered in Berlin and numerous consciousness gatherings around Europe, the U.S and Africa. Darren is a knowledgeable and dynamic speaker who is passionate about sharing his research on African Entheogenic plants and their various applications on the continent and the diaspora. Darren is also a Organic Horticulture and Food Enterprise tutor. For the last seven years he has been growing edible mushrooms and has translated his home growing experience into a commercial experiment.

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