Earth Rhythms: Imbolc

  • Mon 31st Jan 2022, 7pm – 9:30pm UK time (UTC +00:00)
  • Online
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Hosted by The Psychedelic Society
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Nature provides a map for us to connect more deeply to ourselves and our own process of growth. Imbolc is an opportunity to connect with this map and explore what might be moving within us through ritual, practices of cyclical living and nature connection. 

Imbolc is the first cross quarter festival in the Celtic wheel of the year, a time of deep winter where most of the natural world is perceived to be dormant and yet there are signs of life and new shoots as seeds swell within the earth. 

Imbolc originally means ‘in the belly’ a time where the world is pregnant with the possibility of life. It is when the energy slowly begins to rise again. A potent time for connecting with our intuition and planting seeds of intention to support our dreams and visions to emerge from the depths of winter as we welcome back the sun. 

‘A deeply nourishing time that was over in the blink of an eye. There was a real sense of connectedness between the group no matter that we were participating digitally. Alana held us all very gently and shared lots of helpful personal insight.’ - Previous Participant

The Power of Cyclical Living

Our lives are a voyage of learning to become more fully ourselves, more connected to our innate wholeness. Nature wants to support us in the transformations that take place on this journey from birth to death and the earth’s rhythms can hold us, in all of the fractal cycles and spirals of growth, death and rebirth that we move through as humans. 

Connecting with Imbolc and the wheel of the year in this way can provide a powerful pathway to move through our lives, learning to release and generate as we grow, bloom, change and decay throughout the journey of our lifetimes. 

This is an opportunity to travel down into the soul, into the fecund soil that awaits us when we remember and reconnect with the cyclical intelligence of our bodies and the land around us as the vessel to our own wholeness, potential and transformation.

In this evening event we will explore:

  • Learning easy at home nature connection practices 
  • Embodied meditations to connect with our intuition
  • Integrating what we have learned since Winter Solstice 
  • Connecting with mystery 
  • Welcoming parts of ourselves back home
  • Understanding more about cyclical living modalities
  • Space for setting intentions 
  • Connecting with the wisdom and power of the seed


About Earth Rhythms

Earth Rhythms is here to turn us towards the natural world and practical, eco-centric ways of being through practices of embodiment, nature connection, the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the 8 Shields cultural healing map. A space to sink into the regenerating rhythms of nature as a way to connect more deeply with yourself, each other and the more than human world. 

 “A great space in which to move towards higher acceptance of the mind and body's cycles, and increase awareness of how they are integrated within the wider body of the Earth.” - Maz, previous participant 

Imbolc and various festivals on the Wheel of the Year are celebrated at different times depending on how you connect with these traditions and practices. For some it is the 1st of February, others celebrate it in connection with the moon. This Earth Rhythms ritual is hosted before the festival as a way to prepare and connect with the underlying energies, your invited to spend the actual date in whatever way feels appropriate, alone or in community. 

The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of the Year is a map that was created through thousands of years of observation when humans shifted from primarily hunter gatherer lifestyles to agricultural. Through thousands of years of invasion and colonisation there is very little traditional ecological knowledge left available to those of us who reside on these islands. (The British Isles, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) and the Celtic (or pagan) Wheel of the Year contains a lot of the information, rituals, traditions and wisdom that would have existed on these islands. 

The Wheel of the Year can offer us the space to connect with our ongoing cyclical journey but it can also support us becoming more fully ourselves as it encompasses the qualities we need to live in a culture of wholeness. We need more humans and human cultures to embody the qualities of wholeness and healing so that we can benefit the earth and its ecosystems through returning into a reciprocal relationship with the natural living world. 

"I am taking so much insight and curiosity about the seasons away with me. I am also stepping into a new movement practice as a result of the course, feeling an eagerness to tap into the cyclical and innate wisdom of my body" - Anna 


Your Facilitator

Alana Bloom

Alana Bloom is an artist, facilitator and activist seeking to share regenerative eco-centric practices and approaches for human and more-than-human liberation. Her work is focused on creating cultural and systemic change through personal and collective healing, centred in our relationship with the earth.

She leads transformational experiences for people to explore their creative gifts through community, connection, ritual, embodiment and many practices inspired by her theatre & dance training and works with cyclical living and nature connection modalities. Her aim is to support people unlock their ecological and creative potential through creating powerful spaces of learning & healing that can help humans remember our innate belonging, wildness and wholeness. She currently offers women's retreats, rituals and courses on cyclical living and eco-centric mentoring.

Alana is a brilliant human with a gift for supporting people to create space in busy, confusing and unravelling times. - Dan Burgess, Founder wild labs 

“Alana is a great facilitator who provides a wealth of knowledge and a rich programme of activities to help with aligning your lifestyle with the rhythms of the earth.” - Jessica 


Training and Learning

  • Bachelor of Arts, Physical Theatre at East 15 (clowning, bouffon, mask, aerial circus, animal studies, somatics and embodiment, suzuki method, aikido, contact improvisation, yoga) 
  • Apprenticeship of Circus (aerial circus, fitness, acrobatics, theatre, clowning, embodiment, contemporary dance) 
  • Training with Anna-Helena Mclean & Moon Fool (Voice, sound, embodiment, physical theatre)
  • The Dance of Likeness with Studio Matejka in Poland (movement, embodiment, physical theatre)
  • Bringing It Home with Rebecca Card and Peter Cow (1 year course in nature connect and 8 Shields cultural healing map ) 
  • Bringing It Home apprenticeship/acorn with Peter Cow & Sky-Maria 
  • The Learning Marathon & Learning Relay - Enrol Yourself 
  • Soul and Grief Apprenticeship with Azul Valerie Thome
  • Practical Animism with Daniel Foor
  • Pause Apprenticeship with Toni Spencer 
  • Design Science Studio with Buckminster Fuller Studio & HabRitual
  • Call of the Wild Feminine with Advaya co 
  • Trauma Informed Practice with The Association for Psychological Therapies

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