The Jewel of the Self

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“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away.” David Viscot

This Saturday 12 Feb, join psycho-spiritual coach Bonny Tydeman on a sacred treasure hunt to uncover the jewel of your most essential self… 

From the psycho-spiritual perspective, each of us carries a unique gift for the world and the purpose of our lives is to discover this, hone it and give it to the world. In a world so full of distractions and competing agendas, it can be difficult for us to tune into our authentic desires. Ideas about what we should and shouldn’t want, who we should and shouldn’t be, fill us up and obstruct our deeper, truer feelings. 

Some of us may have never even considered what we want, feeling obliged instead to live our lives to satisfy other people’s desires or agendas… “When are you going to get a real job/ get married/ give us some grandchildren?” Are questions many of us will be hearing, either explicitly from our family, or from the internalised version of them we carry in our psyches…

Of course there’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but pursuing them from a place of internal alignment and authentic desire is radically different from pursuing them from a want to fit in or a need for approval. And of course both motives will produce radically different levels of joy and satisfaction. 

This afternoon workshop is an opportunity for deep self-enquiry. You’ll engage in a number of exercises to help you tune into your essence and to gain clarity on the unique qualities and gifts you bring to the world. 

You’ll leave with a clearer sense of your vision and mission and the values that guide you in your search for meaning and purpose, so you can navigate life from a place of deep connection and internal alignment.

This is for you if: 

  • You’re seeking clarity on your identity and direction in life
  • You’re facing a big decision or change of direction
  • You want to develop your capacity to articulate who you are and what you offer the world

What to expect:

  • Meditation, visualisation and creative practise to help you connect to your sacred essence
  • Personal enquiry and sharing to help you see and feel your uniqueness
  • Movement practise to support you in embodying your wild, precious core

What you’ll need:

  • Comfortable clothing
  • A notebook and pen
  • A few precious/ sacred/ sentimental objects for the altar
  • Courage, compassion & generosity

What people are saying:

Bonny is an incredibly smart and intuitive coach with a multilayered approach, dancing between the worlds of classic psychology, mythic poetic symbology, and somatic experience with expert flair that results in a coaching that feels both grounded and mystical.”  - Gaia Harvey Jackson

“The work we have done together has been life changing. Bonny’s playful and enlightening techniques of dealing with the different layers of my personality meant that even the dark, ugly traits became more approachable and I was able to understand and honour them. I now feel as though now I can deal with life and the many curve balls that it likes to throws with a calm, clear grounded sensibility.” - Zoe Wellman

I feel a freedom that wasn’t there before. It’s still a work in progress, but the fact I can now catch my negative thought patterns and choose to change how I react is really powerful for me.  This new perspective allows me to be more balanced which will ultimately let me live a fuller life.” - Jo Twyford

“Bonny reminded me of the necessity to let my desire be my north star. I now have a renewed sense of vitality, curiosity, and creativity. I was so ground down from day-to-day monotony, that I lost sight of the spice of life… Our sessions brought about a shift in my perception that I can only describe as volcanic. The thick, protective layer of muck I had unconsciously constructed to stifle my own desires began to crack and anger, lust, playfulness, creativity and passion erupted from deep within me… I'm now on the other side with a new light inside me and a clear vision towards the future.” - Erica Wolfe

About your facilitator 

Bonny is a psychosynthesis coach and multidimensional creative. In her coaching work with individuals and groups, she focuses on connection to and expression of soul essence, drawing on a range of wisdom and techniques to help people answer the questions, ‘Who am I? Why am I here? & Where am I going?’ in a way that is dynamic and creative.

Relevant education, training & experience:

  • MA - Psychosynthesis Psychology (in progress)
  • PG Dip - Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
  • MA - Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries - Central St Martins
  • BA Hons - History of Art & Visual Cultures - Goldsmiths
  • Introduction to Shamanic Practise - The Sacred Trust
  • 12 Years practise Vedic meditation and study of Vedic philosophy

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Event Testimonials:

‘Extraordinary revealing!! Really well directed to dig inwards to discover your higher self, and put it in the picture where to head up to. Lovely and skilled coach!! ’ - Macu Moma, Create the Life you Desire workshop participant

'Bonny held the space with real care and clarity, sharing all sorts of wisdom from the world of psycho-spirituality that was both informative and playful.  Her meditations and visualisations were wonderful, completely transporting me to other dimensions with her beautiful, dulcet tones! Overall, the journey proved to be deeply inspiring, activating and downright juicy!' - Isla McCloud, Soul Play course participant

‘A truly beautiful, life changing experience.’ - Laura Coppin, Sacred Embers retreat participant

‘Bonny skillfully guided us through meditation, movement and journaling practices to take a fresh look on our past year and prepare for our new journey towards our most desired selves and lives. It was really helpful and I feel that I have new tools to prepare for my new projects. Many thanks for your knowledge, presence and generosity Bonny!’ - Maud Waregne, Create the Life you Desire workshop participant

‘I have greater clarity now of what has been holding me back, some new insights to explore and renewed courage to face the future with excitement and vigour.’ - Gerald Hussain, Sacred Embers retreat participant

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